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    Quote Originally Posted by humi View Post
    that doc looks a bit fake for me...
    that doc is from demonhades.... nothing more to say and now shhhhh...

    nice that he shared this proof. nice to see that someone shows that those great exploit sharers are not the heros they realy are.

    but sad that this won't help on finding a solution. but wayne next hack will come. and i hope this will take some time. there more time it need. there more money sony is wasting on more and more protection :-)

    eat this sony

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    The doc does not show that psjailbreak is the same as the sony jig! Read properly and investigate properly.

    It is the entry point used but it is not the same as the jig function.

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    The *.pdf is from 2007 but the architecture of the old models should be like that.

    You think the slim has the same architecture that is shown in the *.pdf or did Sony changed it ?

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    Original JIG in certain circumstances (described in leaked JIG manual) activates built-in functions in PS3 firmware. For it to work it has to be original JIG, uses challenge-response cryptography and needs to be connected to SCE server (at least it would seem so accoring to JIG manual).

    Psjailbreak only uses original JIG's ID but it never able to activate those built-in functions in firmware directly - simply because it is unable to respond properly to cryptographic challenge PS3 sends it.

    It however overwrites heap and is able to execute the payload. The payload seems to be original work of psjailbreak creators: it accomplishes things by patching stuff here and there whereas original JIG just turns them off properly.

    Note also that psjailbreak does a totally different stuff then is described in JIG manual.

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    Really ironic that Sony has been responsible for providing the method to hack their own console! now they want to sue people for their own f up..

    The data transfer utility in the ps3 looks a bit similar to the jig process .. Using a direct net cable between 2 ps3 to clone one ps3 to another, except it removes the host data. The sony server sitting in the middle for the jig method however gives more control.

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    WTF, I'm sorry but this google translation is just uncomprehensible..

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