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Thread: PS3 JIG ID Swapping Procedure Manual Leaked By DemonHades

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    evilak Guest
    Yeah, in service mode, you can do so much, you can ID swap motherboard and BD-drive and much more. but then again it's a locked mode and you need to be connected a to a server. It's more limited also than it looks so what people are using is not even close to a copy of a JIG.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    looks like it also allows for recovery of flash and HDD contents.

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    Well this exploit wouldn't have been possible without the jig method by Sony, which leads to bad news for the future Sony console. They will no doubt either discontinue this method of servicing the PS4 (most likely) or will figure out how to prevent this from happening again with more security (less likely).

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    kez Guest
    psjailbreak and psgroove are not exploit based? are "sony backdoor" based? it's better read more about working method (usb hub, multi devices, connect/disconnect order, device ids, payloads, etc).

    it's not so easy to clone an original sony jig adapter.

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    PARDES Guest
    Nice indeed, this means the exploit of Egohot is only a copy of the jig we are use now. The only diffrerence is we must not open the console any more, and use the old copy to make diffrent apps.

    When you see back, the old exploit(copy) we use a trigger on the board, now we use the eject boutton .This means without the SCE Server, can the ps3 not 100% unlockabele because the mastercode ?

    The ps3 is than 50% unlockabele, with differnt apps. The ps3 is than now not 100% hacked, right ?

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    tjay17 Guest
    Hopefully more new things can from this.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Did anyone notice on the diagrams in the PDF, they always connect the jig device into the 4th port instead of the 1st one?

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    PDF = very interesting reading, appears to show the flow sony service centers take.

    Indicates that when you send in a failing/dead PS3 they have the ability to provide a clone of your original PS3 by ID Swapping with a referbished unit.

    This is all kinda expected - the interesting thing is that they seem to log specific information about every PS3 on their servers (not really that unexpected) - but this PDF gives some indication as to what they actually log.

    Not sure what exactly this brings to the table, but it clearly indicates a comms channel via the ethernet port as well as via USB.

    Of course this could all be fake info - The PDF isn't anything special in the eye candy stakes - but the why would it be! If it's for internal use only (hehe) there isn't any need to produce a nice glossy manual is there!

    Interesting reading anyway!


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    SatanX2112 Guest
    I wouldn't say 100%. Find something that Sony can't block and it's 100%.

    But this hole opened the PS3 to start really spilling it's 'gut's' so to say.

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    aby081 Guest


    sounds really cool, looking at it now..

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