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Thread: PS3 JailBroken Console Banning discussion

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    Aba Guest
    My buddy just recently took his jailbroken system to 3.50. he upgraded the firmware without reformatting or anything.
    So he popped GT5 in and signed in and boom was online.

    I sat there waiting for a messege to pop up saying his account is banned, locked out of PSN... whatever there going to do... But nothing, no messege, no kick. I'm wondering if sony is holding off on the bans till a certain time(maybe waiting for the rest of us Jailbreakers to get online again and then mass ban us).

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    DeViL303 Guest
    No, I think Sony will not ban those who upgrade after having tried jailbreak although I would still format and system restore just to be safe . I reckon they might ban users who go on PSN without upgrading as if it fills up with cheaters as it certainly would , and gets a bad name because of that it will ruin years of thier work.

    I predict they are hoping to lock down security on all new games so jailbreak users have no way of playing any games released from now on they hope to make users want to upgrade by showing them what they are missing, new games, 3d movies, all PSN games, I bet eventualy in a year at least 50% would change thier mind or buy second ps3 if playing new games was impossible.+ add the fact we cant go online as its another major reason for people to upgrade and go legit.

    Think about it, if they BAN people who are upgrading thier FW and buying games they are only screwing themselves, thats what they want, people to upgrade, if they ban upgraders they will only scare others who might have been thinking about upgrading, I reckon they are definitly hoping to squash this by trying to make people want to upgrade.

    Also look at PSP PSN, no bannings and loads of hacked PSP's online for years. they dont want to ban you cos that means you and your PS3 are no longer a potential customer , besides its also bad for buisness to be doing negative things like mass bannings, bad press and it draws attention to the fact that thier console is hacked, lots of people out thier never heard of psgroove, the masses just update without question and on grand scale of things it might be fairly small percentage of people who actually stayed on FW3.41 and hacked thier PS3

    But that might change if an open source downgrader comes out... or even CFW!

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    hackerxide Guest
    I agree with that, out of my 30 friends on psn, only 2 know about jailbreaking, and i plan to keep it low key for now

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    TargTrainer Guest
    There are really two paths Sony could take with this:

    (1) Sony decides anyone using jailbreaks is a pirate and/or a cheater, and starts banning on sight. This is what I understand Microsoft chose to do on the 360. This will certainly evoke the most rage from the scene, and has a greater chance of negative press... but that's never stopped a large corporation before.

    (2) They decide that jailbreakers are generally still well-behaved paying customers. That means no game cheats, no "acquired" game backups, no PS store hacking, and so forth. Obviously some people are going to attempt those things with disregard to the consequences for the rest of the scene.

    In this case Sony probably bans individuals who cause trouble, but leaves the rest of us alone. If enough people cause trouble, it could make them change their minds and go to option #1, so hopefully most of the people who choose to play online with a JB console will behave themselves.

    I think we'd all agree #2 is the better option, but we really won't know until people start playing online regularly with JB consoles.

    And of course if the CFW egg is ever cracked then the "correct" responses to the servers can be spoofed no matter what state the console is actually in... but we still need a few more keys to pull that off, as well as a few months of coding by a good-sized team (if writing a new firmware from scratch).

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