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Thread: PS3 JailBroken Console Banning discussion

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    plutomic Guest
    I honestly think they are more worried about people using it to cheat in online games.

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    polly316 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bugga12 View Post
    Actually, by agreeing to their ToS you're at their mercy if you, eventually, end up breaking any of the terms you agreed to. That's why they're called "Terms of Service"...
    Again incorrect TOS's are usually full of nefarious conditions that would have no problem being challenged in court. You obviously have absolutely no knowledge of law so don't post crap you know nothing about!

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by polly316 View Post
    Again incorrect TOS's are usually full of nefarious conditions that would have no problem being challenged in court. You obviously have absolutely no knowledge of law so don't post crap you know nothing about!
    Even if it can be challenged in court, it's going to take many angry banned users until Sony gets sued and even then there are so many douchebags in power that Sony might drag it on until they win. In the best case scenario where they lose they still won't unban those who have been banned unless they get sued again. Rinse and repeat.

    Sony would rather enrage its customers now and lose a ton of money so it can swing around into peoples faces in the future without as much worry about repercussions... because people will then know what Sony is capable of and that they will constantly maintain that level. Therefore there will be less resistance to Sony slapping it into customers' faces.

    That's generally how it has been, a powerful company does something horrible and despite heavy resistance continues doing it until the majority just accept it. Hopefully the majority will continue to defy Sony so they lose money until they realize they can't continue treating customers like garbage.

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    Gabr1e7 Guest
    Like some other guy said on here, if you make 2 account and use 1 for regular gaming and the other one for online backed up games.. wil both accounts get banned or just the one for online playing?

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Assuming they are correct, others on here have stated that your PS3's MAC address is banned, not simply your account(s).

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    Jes03 Guest
    I didn't think $ony would ban consoles. They cant as you are doing nothing illegal to it. You arn't breaking any warranty sticker so where is the proof its modded in any way?

    If you want 100% proof they cant prove it then switch the HDD. Then there is absolutely no proof its ever been jailbreaked so there is no way they can ban a console.

    They did what I thought they would do, just stop the jailbreakers from accessing PSN. Stupid move if you ask me as all us jailbreakers cant buy anything from PSN meaning when $ony say they get all their income from games we can no longer buy them from PSN or any online access like Home.

    I think all this talk about $ony banning consoles should stop as its never happened in the past. There are no PS2 consoles that are banned so why would they start banning with the PS3?

    The banning of consoles is a very stupid idea that only Micro$oft would think of. As long as you own a $ony console you can look forward to always using it as it will never get banned.

    Your account is a different thing. I'm talking about the console here.

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    plutomic Guest
    yeah i think it was a dumb move for sony as well.

    I mean, there is actually a small fraction of people who actually want to just back up the games they already own. Not everybody is a pirate... even then, lots of jailbreakers still will buy from the psn store...

    hell, i'd pay sony a monthly subscription if they would just let me get on.

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    steventanno Guest
    Isn't it as simple shutting off your network before booting up with the jailbreak? Back up or play your uploaded games while you're offline. Whenever you're ready to play legit, shut down, pull out the jailbreak, and boot up normally. Is there any possible way for Sony to know you just JB'ed you console while you were offline?

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    marc2590 Guest
    well there are some log files that the PS3 sends to sony when you sign in with all the recent games you played so yea they could see that you've been using Open Manager while offline. Some managers like Gaia and multiMAN delete these logs but until the banhammer strikes (IF it ever does) we won't know if it that method protects you or not.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Jailbreak only works on 3.41 Firmware and below, PSN requires latest firmware 3.50, so there is no way to play legit online and then jailbreak as the jailbreak is required to spoof 3.50. this method not working anymore anyway so no real way to go online and jailbreak with same console (see below). also jailbreak leaves behind traces like installed packages, last played game lists and maybe more.

    This will probably all change soon if psgrade gets the keys required but that is only theory for now. of course you could buy psdowngrade and keep updating to play games online and downgrading to play backups but seems a bit of hassel to me plus costs $99, anyone know if all gamesaves and PSN games are intact after downgrade or does it lose everything? also all that upgrading and downgrading increases chances of a error/brick so wouldn't be something you would do every few hours.

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