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    nikola989 Guest
    i think that Sony are waiting for everyone to get relaxed for them doing nothing and then BAM.. your console has been baned thank you for buying are products yea buy new ps3 kill most birds with one swing.

    its ironic that in my country there is no PSN and ps store (they don't want even my credit cards) and they dont even care to TRY to support or enable it like EVER !but they would be happy to ban me for playing backups?maybe if there was some or ANY customer support i wouldn't have to jailbreak and i would update my console long time ago. i really don't get it are some country's not supposed to be able to play ps3?

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    FWIW, to date I've heard of no actual banning due to Jailbreak.

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    marc2590 Guest
    We've only been able to be online while jailbroken for a couple of days though. I personally am not going online until after GT5 is released on the 24th. If they are able to make it work on 3.41 like they did for MOH then people are gonna start playing online and sony is gonna be pissed and if the banhammer is going to come its gonna be because of that.

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    RadioactiveSoup Guest
    I've used the PSN payload. Prior to the JB, i set my PSN to auto-sign in when i logged on. So naturally with the payload it logged in to PSN. That was 2 days ago, I still haven't been banned. I even played the Demon's Souls online mode and i haven't been banned... yet.

    If there are any updates I'll post them here.

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    costocart Guest
    sony's ps3 profit comes only from licensed software, online support, dlc, etc. they have tried stopping jailbreaker in 3.41 and 3.50. don't think they would sit down and do nothing about us going online. plus with some of the devs helping sony to make sure we never get psn...

    sony can do anything... according to the agreement they can remove any feature/service provided with the ps3... like they did with linux. the TOS is the limit.

    hope this can put your mind at ease.

  6. #16
    polly316 Guest
    That's incorrect Sony is a corporation and has to follow LAW just like the rest of us and just because something is outlined in a TOS that you have agreed to does not make it law and Sony absolute.

  7. #17
    bugga12 Guest
    Actually, by agreeing to their ToS you're at their mercy if you, eventually, end up breaking any of the terms you agreed to. That's why they're called "Terms of Service"...

  8. #18
    Natepig Guest
    I just bought a second ps3 a couple of weeks ago to play online, so I have nothing to lose by experimenting with the new psn payload on my jb one. I've played a few games online but i'm positive that my jb ps3 will at some stage will be banned.

  9. #19
    minddagap Guest
    Now there is a new PSN agreement that talks about "hardware and software" to jailbreak that is illegal. If anyone accepts it, the law is on sonys side then.. F them. I dont know what to do know. Before this there was no problem because we didnt sign anything that said it was illegal.. now this changes a bit for there side.

    And btw: dailyator.com/u-s-declares-iphone-jailbreaking-legal-over-apple%E2%80%99s-objections/27580/

    Jailbreak of our own private materials is legal under US law.

  10. #20
    whinis Guest
    No currently only jailbreaking cellphones is legal in the Us however TOS does not trump law in any country I know. They could say that you must give up your first amendment when you sign the TOS however that section of the TOS would be against the law and as such never go into effect.

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