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Thread: PS3 JailBreaking and cheating online

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    brimstone111 Guest

    Exclamation PS3 JailBreaking and cheating online

    why do people jailbreak the system and why in the right mind do they want to cheat cos it defeats the object of fair game

    i was playing mw2 and i was tagged in the system and went from prestige 3 to prestige 10 in 5 mins by some one else who was a host not only that they were greedy for points with having invincability and aimbot on.


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    ShaneO86 Guest
    I agree I think its the cheaters that are ruining it for the rest of us i mean come on do u suck so bad at MW2 that you have to cheat. freaking newbs need to cut the crap and grow up. Either learn how to play the game or get rid of it.

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    aamir007 Guest
    True agree with you there, i haven't played mw2 for a while so not sure about the hackings but my friends who arn't even bothered about jb'in are annoyed by the hackers ruining their games and its sucks. They should keep the hack to private lobby to themselves and stop ruining it for others.

    For fair games your best off with private lobbys with some friends and have some true fun.

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    Sjano Guest


    If they cheat, it doesn't necessarily mean the got a jailbroken ps3. You can probably cheat trough the save games as you can in other games. They blame the jailbroken ps3, but i think most still cheat trough save games.

    i ment by editing the save games, like most do in the Borderlands game. Adding new weapons, badass equipment and so on.

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    rizzle7 Guest
    some people aren't very good, and actually need cheats to make them feel better about themself.

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    dyceast Guest
    This is the 1 reason I didnt want Custom Firmware to get PSN access... Glad that Black-Ops is banning people though... Sadly I dont think anything is going to happen with MW2. Just gonna have to wait for MW3

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    buggybaby Guest
    Just to clarify people were cheating on mw2 long before the PS3 was jailbroken, on both PS3 and Xbox there was the knife glitch and the care pack glitch that were out longggg before the PS3 was jailbroken. So all you people saying CFW and The Jailbreak ruined online gaming are idiots people were cheating long before the Jailbreak/CFW methods were out and they will continue to cheat even if all the Jailbroken/CFW consoles get banned or quit playing online. I hate cheaters but CFW isn't the root of the cheating problem it's the people using the cheats.

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    Realee Guest
    Jailbreaking is not just cheating. It's a plethora of possibilities. Everything from old school gaming through emulators, custom games, better media centers, native alternate operating systems... there's loads!

    All we need now is a jailbreak tool that embeds blades in the controller and will cut the fingers off anyone who cheats in a multiplayer environment...

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    WheedWhack3R Guest

    Lightbulb Don't enable them.

    They also do it cause they find it funny. I men look it has happened to just about everybody once. Someone cheats, you lose, get pissed, quit playing, and then decide to show your maturity about it to complain about it online validating their actions in the process.

    You enable them by getting angry! In other words, go back online, play against the cheaters. Take it like a man or woman depending on gender. Wait for them to get bored because you keep playing and do not care. They will get banned eventually so stop crying because you make it worse.

    Showing an ounce of weakness to someone who drives you nuts keeps them doing it. So, relax and just watch them get banned or watch them get bored because you do not care. And of course remember most of all to stay zen minded!!!

    Anger clouds your judgment causing you to react without thinking. Stay calm and don't give them the satisfaction and don't sink to their level either! Your better than that ! Good luck and good gaming to you.

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    Jes03 Guest
    That's what the lamers dont understand, jailbreaking and CFW doesn't = cheating. Cheating was around for years before CFW so how can you put the two together?

    With MW2 you dont need to jailbreak to cheat. I've done it OFFLINE about a year ago and there was no jailbreaking around then.

    Cheating online is why I dont play online. COD online is the worst. I hate ALL COD games online. You have campers at spawn points and you never even get to take a few steps before you die.

    Over the last few weeks I've been playing Medal Of Honor and BBC2 online and there are hardly any cheaters like COD games. I had a total ball last night. It was probably the best online game I've had for many years. I DONT CHEAT ONLINE. Look at my stats and you can see that. My kill/death ratio for MOH is 78 deaths and 70 kills. Would I be that bad if I cheated?

    I suggest to change games and see what the NON CHEATERS play and have fun.

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