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Thread: PS3 JailBreak USB Dongles

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    Haksam Guest

    PS3 JailBreak USB Dongles

    Hi guys,

    When i finally have time to play around with my ps 3 console, i just realised theres a ton of brands in different shapes and sizes of the ps 3 jailbreak dongle out there.

    What would be the best or most common brands that people use these days? I have also heard of fake jailbreaks.

    any advice is appreciated

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    tiamate Guest
    I buyed the amazebreak dongle. I know itīs a clone, but iīve been able to upgrade with latest firmware (hermes v4) from their web site.

    I can play discless backups and run homebrew applications. The only con, in my opinion is that the firmware is a proprietary format, and if the guys donīt update anymore i will be stuck at the hermes v4 payload.

    I think the best dongles will be the ones with "open" firmware format.

    But for now, it has proven to be an excellent jailbreak clone. (and cheap!!!)

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    Haksam Guest
    thanks for the feedback!! i'll put this in my wishlist.

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    Warrorar Guest
    as i would sugest take your time to read some guide of this forum about some of the usb boards, like blackcat, teensy or teensy++. and buy one of them.

    they can host all supported open tools like psgroove, psfreedom and so on. you can easily flash them over the flip tool from atmel and they are cheap (i payed for my blackcat board 22€)

    also there is no big deal to get them working even without programming knowledge. because many users of this forum did a great work with tutorials how to use them and how to setup.


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    boob4me Guest

    Big Grin T1-84 all the way!

    I'd suggest the t1-84 calculator, it's a bit expensive but very easy to use (thanks to Brandon's ps3jb app) you can put multiple payloads on the device and try what ever works best for you and your needs. no need to wait for other JB clones to update their websites with new payloads (if they get them at all!) soon as a new payload comes out , you can guarantee the ti-84 will be one of the first to get a port so with that being said... Happy hacking.

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    Wonderkik Guest
    I would recommend a Teensy 2.0 or a Teensy 2.0 ++. Right now, they are in stock, they ship for 18$ and 24$ respectively, and as said before, you can use everything that has been released with it. And you can easily make a case for it from a Sd or memory stick plastic box.

    The teensy 2.0 ++ has 128 Kb of onboard memory, more than enough to run AsBestOS.

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    shummyr Guest
    I would have to agree the Teensy 2.0 ++ with the 128kb of onboard memory is the best one out there right now...


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    mojostyle Guest
    I second the Teensy boards. Fair price fast delivery. You can program it with your choice of hex files. ie hermes or pl3. your choice of board, the site has the program to load the hex files onto the board.

    I originally bought a ps3break 1.0 long version, only to have the makers drop support for that model.

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    shummyr Guest
    yea that's the problem with all the early clones is that they cashed in on the boom, and then just left the people who purchased them high and dry...


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    Apr 2005


    Guys, this isn't where to buy... I am -Rep'ing everyone who posts links here and removing them. This thread is only for JailBreaking device or dongle recommendations not shops, we don't allow those here as mentioned in the Sticky since we have a BST section for it.

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