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Thread: PS3 iSO2JB v0.5 - Convert PS3 iSO Files to PS JailBreak Format!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thering View Post
    Reports say this doesn't work, as it doesn't decrypt the eboot.bin. I will be testing this myself soon.
    Yea, I just showed it to CJPC on IRC and this was his reply:

    <CJPC> ya i honestly DONT think it works @ all, not w/o the crypto key heh

    So, we'll see what happens with it but I wouldn't get too excited yet.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tidusnake666 View Post
    Just to be 100% sure - so now the older scene releases (2007-2009) CAN be cobverted to JB format and played?

    Edit: So, CJPC said just what i thought. Thanks! Will wait for proper JB releases.
    Check the post just before yours! This might not work it appears. We may be stuck with PSJailbreak rips only for now afterall!

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    macanazo Guest
    Sorry but this doesnt work, ive tested it with two games.

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    chrykel Guest
    Cool! Now all I need is a jail broken ps3! Anyone wanna give me their teensy board or their psjailbreak usb?

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    Yngwiedis Guest
    So is not working
    I will wait till proper jailbreak rips hit the torrent sites...

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    Darkzero51521 Guest

    Cool Playing "ripped" games on your PS3 via PSJ or clone

    I've read through every post of every one of these topics, and the one thing that is unclear, is if you can hypothetically download a game onto your computer, then burn it onto a disk to dump. That seems unlikely, but after searching through a bunch of warez sites that have started dumping ps3 games, I came across this:

    Dumped: Yes

    Install NFO
    Just Extract Files Already Dumped...

    PS3 HD/GAMEZ/BLES00242/

    1. If the download is a. ISO:

    What we need? WinRar, UltraISO, and PSJaillbreak with Backup Manager

    A. Extract the file. ISO with WinRar
    B. Open the file. ISO with UltraISO or a similar program
    C. Extract all the contents to a folder named as the "identification" of the game itself
    D. Copy the folder (with game ID name), with all its contents extracted in the directory "Gamez" in HDD
    E. Open the game with Backup Manager (obviously taking PSJaillbreak)

    2. If the download is a folder:

    What we need? WinRar, PSJaillbreak with Backup Manager

    A. Create a folder with the name "ID of the game"
    B. Extract all the content downloaded to the inside of folder you created
    C. Move or copy the folder (ID of the game), with all its contents extracted in the directory "Gamez" in HDD
    D. Open the game with Backup Manager (obviously taking PSJaillbreak)
    How legit is that? Can anyone confirm that this works?


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    FrozenFear Guest
    Amazing!!!!! this means FREE GAMES!! anyway... alot of people waiting for PsGroove to be released for PSP/IPHONE/And more.. anyone knows any thing about whats goin on with iphone Groove? its really AWESOME to jailbreak the ps3!!!

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    blaydes99 Guest
    Thanks for the great app. I will try this and report back once some proper rips are available.

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    thering Guest
    I can confirm that this doesn't work. The tool is useless. I expected better from TeknoGods...

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    xroc88 Guest


    So this doesn't remove layer encryption from the games files?

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