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    Junior Member hacked2123's Avatar
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    I give this video 100% credit no matter what, I don't see why this would be fake. But I would ask the question, what are the odd's that someone who has signed Non-Disclosure Agreement with $ony and mistakenly recieve an SDK and opened it/sign for it? Even on top of that on don't believe the SDK would allow manufacture's to program otheros.self themselves (It doesn't load any sort of Linux kernel)

    Other than that I believe this video to be legit, the cycle time to find the image names on the hard-drive seems par to what I would expect. (someone would create that load/search/scan for the purpose of showing off unless the process was actaully being done). Props to the impressive female programmer - naoneo

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    "Why wait for paradox"?

    Why not?. We're waiting for you too naoneo aren't we? LOL I guess a good reason to wait is because that's all we can do.

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    LOL be gentle to her... remember, she's on the rag guys!

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    so are those posts that cant be linked to, legit? if so we arent waiting for her to do anything.... right??

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    Yep, and 100% correct!

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    I just came to the funny conclusion of internet law, "Guilty until proven innocent, beyond a resonable doubt"
    :-P kinda funny for the world today

    Note, the Otheros.self and the Pictures sections are the most likely locations for security holes, so I still say this is legit

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    thanks for the quick response ps3news.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
    LOL be gentle to her... remember, she's on the rag guys!
    Lol... I only have one question... How do you know?... lol

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    Watch the very end of the video... you will see.

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    ahhhh the periods: yada yada yada i gotcha now


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