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Thread: PS3 iSO Loader Working in Video?!

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    gabbon17 Guest

    i need your help, am living in europe, switzerland and i want to bay a ps3 but i don't know (think) the loader will work with the europene ps3, do you think it's better for me to bay a japanese ps3 (with VF5 so she will upgrade to 1.32 and still work with the loader) ?

    i don't understand why they are waiting for the europene start (23 march) cause this one will be at list 1.51 ? please help to take a decision

    thank you

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    Nothing I can do to help you really... until PDX publically reports their results with v1.50/1.51 and their PS3 iSO Loader I would not update beyond 1.32 (this is what THEY told ME) is all I can say.

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    gabbon17 Guest
    thanks for your reply

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