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    Thanks for the update. Did PDX give you any indication on whether or not current exploits/holes are being patched? If so, are they being patched "correctly"? In your opinion, do you think that the PS3 can go the route that the PSP did with hacked firmware?

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    Nah, the PS3 hypervisor won't allow that... which the PSP doesn't have in the equasion. So basically once a PS3 hole is found and plugged it will be a lot more difficult to find the next one, versus just playing with Firmware decryption keys, etc.

    PDX is still tight-lipped on any specific info regarding which vulnerability they are exploiting to use their own iSO Loader for obvious reasons (both competition and $ony). Until the EUR PS3 release, I'd still say the only chance for a PS3 iSO Loader would be if someone else released one. Every indication of PDX releasing one prior to that has been a firm "not gonna happen" basically.

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    By chance do you know if the Loader will be able to boot PS2 games? I'm currently holding off buying a PS3 do to that fact. If the PS3 where able to boot PS2 games it would make the purchasing of the console so much easier. The current PS3 games aren't really tempting other then MotorStorm which isn't even out.

    The only exciting thing to note is that during March there will be the 13 new titles released making it the 2nd most amount of games released in a month for 2007. The most PS3 titles being released during a month is June coming in 1st with 15 games (that is if Warhawk doesn't disappear). All in all i'm guessing the PDX might be waiting for these games to come out before releasing the loader. So if you could find that out for me it would be really helpful, thanks great site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaan2 View Post
    27th out f1 for PS3, so i think pdx will release it somewhere at beginning of march (maybe already with loader).
    I've got a copy of F1 (through my work) waiting to be played. I am looking forward to an update especially since games will be trickling in more frequently now.

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    My question about this loader is will it be able to load ISO from an external Hard Drive connected to the USB port?

    Sorry if this question has been asked.

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    Hey PS3News-

    Is there any chance that you may have more light to shed on this PDX update? These cryptic messages are always something to look forward to, but they are definitely becoming more vague as we come closer to a Euro release/the rumored ISO loader release timeframe.

    Any additional information would be great!


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    I agree 100% as it seems they are now simply "stalling/buying time" until mid-to-late March myself. If/when I hear anything more I will of course share it here so don't worry!

    Edit: Actually I did hear a rumor today from the PDX camp... basically it was that they may be doing .PKG releases soon and a Loader that supports them as opposed to iSO files initially.

    They do have another PS3 game release (likely their first .PKG one) coming I see, so maybe they will provide more useful info than the ramblings in their last Virtua Fighter 5 NFO file- or something even better yet.

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    In my bet a buggy system means they working on the XMB because one way of finding out how to mod a system is to wait for "hiccups"/bugs in the processor. (I could be wrong) As for the second, time will most definitely tell.

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    I keep thinking that it's got to be possible to convert an iso into a .pkg file (built from some form of.pkg builder) that can be launched from the XMB.

    Simple thinking, but it would be great.

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    The first step to that would be trying to figure out how they are encrypted, I have an idea on a way around that too, but they have one up on a guess because the file is also compressed. Can't wait for some progress on that. Anyways don't forget the XMB also has a 4GB filesize limit.

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