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Thread: PS3 iSO Loader Working in Video?!

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Oginally Posted by Juneyp15 now that i think about it is the linux partition also FAT32?
    No it's ext2 or ext3, the native linux partition filesystem, which the kernel/bootloader must be installed. This means file sizes > 4GB which means this bootloader proves practical.

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    special Guest
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    kogadawolf Guest
    Great news - seems like the iso loader supports 1.5 and 1.51!!

    Man I can't wait till this is up and running... congrats to all those who put in the hard work to make it happen.

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    a0004uk Guest
    @saccors -I think that indeed it does mean that the results will be made public soon hopefully. So dont update yet just in case.


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    shimman Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    Sony is losing money in production and sales,
    Sony did airlift it to the US, it did lose money on shipping/handling (The system is really heavy),
    Sony strategy by doing this, is gaining control over the consule war (slowly),
    Sony is also pushing it's blue-ray by doing this as well,
    Sony will innevitable make a profit off game sales b/c of the number of system's already sold (even if they don't sell anyone more),
    sony is NOT loosing money on producing ps3 at all; what sony is whinning about ps3 cost is the slow recovery of the development & the initial launch cost, but it will be resolved sooner or later.

    sony wants to take over the world by imposing tax on every digital entertainment from games to musics & directly over the network. sony wants the cell processor the heart of every digital medias through ps3.

    ps3 isn't as powerful as what sony wanted us to believe, and it lacks the killer games so far + lacks the rumble on sixaxis controller. if these aren't enough, the price is very high. so i don't want to buy ps3, but if iso loader works well & it would be near impossible for sony to block it, then i might consider to buy one.

    looking for wii at local stores, it is nowhere to be found; however, ps3s are on the shelves & gathering dusts; hoping that this situation forces sony to lower the price of ps3 considerably by summer

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Juneyp15 View Post
    Cool Cool... thx Hacker2123 so now im fully a believer just a matter of time and better games for this to be released... another question sorta off topic but is using an external hard drive any different than an internal one in linux (other than the obvious "its External" joke) or does it show up like a memory card or something?
    Shows up basically as USB Thumbdrive or memory card, its just a source of information not vital to the system.
    ..........and it's hacked2123 not hacker2123...with hacked2123 I can hack or be hacked, and basically cover my lies.

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    JizzMopper Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by saccors View Post
    This leads me to believe that confirmation on support will be coming very soon, but I would not suggest upgrading yet... although is leans towards a promising message in the near future
    Does anyone have an idea when Paradox is releasing another NFO? I am looking forward to a clue, or perhaps straight up information of whether or not it is safe to upgrade or not. I would also appreciate some more information on a loader, but all indications point to the Euro-release of the PS3 timeframe. It probably doesn't make much sense to keep banging on the door until 3rd week of march.

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    Apr 2005
    Nothing is in PRE at the moment, so it may be a bit yet I'm thinking... but we'll see!

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    brpn Guest
    any news on if we can safely upgrade to 1.51 firmware yet?

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    Apr 2005
    I wouldn't upgrade to 1.50 or 1.51. I spoke with PDX last night, and although they still haven't officially confirmed anything (we will probably have to wait for an upcoming NFO file) they did tell me NOT to upgrade beyond 1.32 before the EUR PS3 release.

    There is a good chance one of them (1.50?) may be safe, but perhaps not... so unless you have a game you can't wait to play that requires higher than 1.32 I'd say it is best to wait to be safe.

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