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Thread: PS3 iSO Loader Working in Video?!

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    BlueWizard Guest
    It could be: Sony trying to get everyone to update to 1.51 since they are aware of the exploit in 1.32 (Also aware that most of us are not uptading our firmware) . Which in turnes means this video is fake.

    It could be: The video is real, the exploit is real and present in the 1.51 software. Meaning its safe to upgrade. However this exploit might never be released and therefor if paradox wont work on 1.51 we are all out of luck.

    It could be: Everything is fake. Eventualy we will all realise this and update to play mortal kombat online.

    At the moment no one knows. Paradox is dropping hints here and there. He is getting pressure from all of us to release something but if he wants world wide support then he will have to wait untill the world gets the PS3. This makes more sense to me than anything. Everyone here can be patient. A working loader just 4 months after the release of the system is awesome. Just think, in a year no one will care that we waited at all. We will be talking about hacked firmware, not working loaders.

    Quite honestly If I lived in the UK I would be upset if the loader came out now and was patched before the UK launch hence keeping me from running it out of the box.

    I do wish paradox would release a small video that shows their work in action. Not giving away any secrets but showing the loader working on more than one game. Also it would be nice to hear from them if the loader works on the latest firmware confirmed.

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    steddyman Guest
    If she has access to a devkit then she wouldn't need an exploit to make that video. She could just compile a loader app and run it directly on the devkit and film it. The devkit will just run unsigned code.

    If this is real, then the evidence points to an exploit of the hypervisor when running the OtherOS. No exploit is required to run the OtherOS loader, since it could be a Linux binary or even just a modified Linux Bootloader.

    The hack is required to open the Hypervisor to allow access to the PS3 hardware from within Linux, which would then allow the games to run. This is what she must have found and what the Loader is calling.

    If this Hypervisor is not under firmware control for updates, then once it is found it can't be plugged. They could however start adding checks to games to make sure they weren't running from an ISO.


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    Sieg Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 0001 View Post
    anyone know whats the japanese song that was playing in the background of the 2nd video?
    the song is from the anime air gear its the intro song to the anime.

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    Elite Jounin Guest
    I agree with post #121 (skrapps) I was thinking the same exact thing but didnt want to sound like an idot. But that would be the only way to make sense out of that video and how the loader would work.

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    Sephiroth4 Guest
    Looks real.. but donīt know!

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    Phreak47 Guest
    I'm not going to rag on the theory (after all, Sony did just get caught doing that viral PSP campaign with the phony fanboy kids), but I don't think this video was any of their doing as a way to get people to patch. It seems far-fetched, especially considering they can't be entirely sure of just what vulnerability PDX has found, and therefore if 1.51 would even plug it up. PDX is smart not to release any video or concrete info, which could give clues to how they did it ahead of time.

    For myself, I have updated. For me, online gaming is something I'm not going to sacrifice. So I'd need a working hack that also lets me update anyway.

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    yaro666 Guest

    Air Gear - Chain

    It is a matter of time and we will see a loader for PS3. Even if it's fake (i think it's fake, cuz a lil blink blink menu of that loader - if i'm wrong then i will fall on my knees).

    song lyrics

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    eddie420man Guest
    wow, i cant believe i just read that entire

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    sabeer99 Guest
    Name of the song is as everybody else stated:
    by BACK-ON

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    special Guest
    Nice song for a hoax. This girl needs some attention from the crowd and from sony so it's very lame of her showing video of the loader. If she had NDA she wouldn`t have made the video and showhing to the people, she would just give it to sony to patch it.

    Lie 1.
    NDA don`t allow you to publish videos or anything related covering NDA reason, e.g exploit.

    Lie 2.
    She don`t cares about publicity, yeah right thats why she made a video to show it to the world? And uploaded to share it. Remember all the marketing tricks sony have made to fool people by sending fanboys or fake pages or posts, they have a record here.

    Dont forget sony NEEDS AN ISO LOADER to sell some ps3's and then patch to future firmware to buy games when a user base is established. Crap games dont bring gamers. So paradox will give them a favor and release the LOADER to sell consoles.

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