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Thread: PS3 iSO Loader Progression [DEV Chat ONLY!]

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    theakseffect Guest
    I haven't read this whole topic yet, but thought i'd post what I found:

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    skrapps Guest
    going back to what hacked had said, i think it has something to do with the .self file also wich is used to install another os. what if the self installer is re-written to include data so that using the otheros.bld file bootlader will trigger a ps2 elf file from a ps2 virtual memory card using the ps2 system data... emulating a ps2 of some sort with ps3 access... something along those lines.

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    cyberfix Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by games4dummies3 View Post
    Well I have some news, it doesnt directly involve using an exploit in the ps2 area but, I am in contact sometimes with some homebrew developers who have created their own way of loading ps3 isos (they also hinted they are close to exposing a way to have full access to the RSX from otherOS). They are not releasing anything of their own, but they did tell me how it works (sort of):
    Exposing the RSX to linux will not be useful without a driver for it. Is there already a linux Nvidia driver for a similar graphics card that could possibly be tweaked? As far as loading ISOs, I could only see a custom linux otherOS.bld being useful if the XMB area is accessible.

    What do we know about the otherOS.self? I think everybody is correct saying that it seems like a good place for an exploit. Essentially, the otherOS in the system menu is what would write the value to the flash to tell it to but linux, right? If we could find a way to install our own version, we could have it boot custom code without leaving the XMB. Unless there are checks that automatically switch on the security just by picking something other than the gameOS.

    Anyway, it is getting late...

    Good luck all!

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    hacked2123 Guest
    desesperado definitely not helpful because they may or may not be true pkg files (after all its an extension nothing more), but the very thing we do know is that they are heavily encrypted.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NaTaS69 View Post
    Hi. Noob here. Isn't possible to "cloak" an ISO as PKG and transfer using proxyserver? At least for the smaller ones. (4Gb limit) I know that's a pretty basic idea but anybody tried?
    Theoretically, yes, that is a good idea, but no because going back to my last comment, WE DO NOT KNOW HOW THE PKG FORMAT IS MADE NOR HOW TO TAKE THEM APART, and we will not now for some time, most likely not till another exploit is found, and we can get at the file from the inside.

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    downloads2k5 Guest
    from what i've read the otheros.bld idea is the best by far, and the most logical. it would be nice though to be told if we are on the right track and then concentrate our efforts, instead of chasing our collective tails. as well what are the fundamental differences between a dev kit and retail ?

    i will try and look at otheros.bld later and see if anything stands out.

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    stickweed Guest
    Dev kits emulate (a ps3 in this case) in order to build the drivers, programs, etc needed to run the game or whatever. DK's usually have examples of codes with them to encourage production of programs using that platform (ps3), or something along those lines. A dev kit isn't a console as such but more like a set of development tools. Think of it more like a toolbox rather than the eg. desk you built with them.

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    billou95 Guest
    Another simple idea that maybe has already been told. Is it possible to boot otheros then unmount the bluray drive and mount a dummy drive based on the iso image at the place of the bluray drive ? and maybe try to reboot in xmb mode ? (but i think it won't be as simple, xmb should reload all drivers at it startup).

    Sorry for my bad english im french ^^ Good luck to you all guys, this thread is very interesting and one of the smartest thread of the ps3 scene, keep up the good work !

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    sargos Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by downloads2k5 View Post
    ... what are the fundamental differences between a dev kit and retail ?
    I had the chance to play with a dev console for a while, and the only diference with the retail one are:

    1. The menu (switch from dev to retail, switch region, non upgradable with internet, no backup available for hd, ...)
    2. Play backups

    The hardware looks 100% the same with the retail...

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    downloads2k5 Guest
    o.k. so can we agree that otheros.bld seems our best chance that we can see so far ? can we agree to work on otheros.bld for, say, 3 days and see where it takes us ?

    personally i would love to see some criticisms on our thinking by those who have achieved this already, some encouragement would be pretty cool!!!

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