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Thread: PS3 iSO Loader Progression [DEV Chat ONLY!]

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    skrapps Guest
    well, i've been fooling around with my memory card adapter, trying to get the ps1 disc id launchelf exploit working or anything similar. and it wont.. but then i started thinking what if its similar.. just a step up.. ps2 disc id on added to a otheros bootloader / ps3 system.. and witha ps2 game inserted, you run the ps2 otheros bootloader..reboot with the game in the drive and bam!? hmmm

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    internetfloozy Guest
    I am sure there is alot of possiblities, but we are trying to focus on what PDX did to gain access to the PS3. Once they announced that the loader will not work on the europe PS3's that instantly leads people to believe that the exploit somehow involves the way the PS3 handles PS2 games and maybe the virtual memory card.

    There is also the post by PS3rips about possibly gaing access using the built in web browser. It sounds like something we really should investigate more as well.

    As for the people who have files that they say causes the PS3 to "crash", start sharing things. There is enough knowledge in this forum to really dig deep into things.

    And if PS3News has any more info to share or help get us on the right path that would be great too

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    biggms Guest

    Crashed PAL PS3

    Hey guys, I know this is a discussion into PDX loading method but I had a good crash on my 1.5 PAL PS3 today.

    Whilst waiting for a game to start (after selecting a vehicle, when the loading screen appears ) in motorstorm online my router crashed and traffic stopped. After a few secs the XMB came up as if the console had restarted. Everything seemed normal at this point, the XMB was ok etc. Then I tried to start the game and the screen went black and nothing came up, the xmb was still running in the background though because I could hold the PS button and hear the standard noises when the quit game screen comes up. nothing actually appeared on screen though. When i selected what i think was quit game nothing happened and same again with shut down console.

    Sure this isn't too exciting but just thought I'd post a bug report.

    Cheers guys,


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    Arijohn Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by itxaka View Post
    I think there is a possibility of loading things by memory card, i have been playing with them for a bite,the thing is the virtual memory cards are in psv format, and itīs kind of signed like the xbox saves were so no luck from me in this field, yet

    Also i have a ps3 1.6 EUR if anyone wants to know or try anything on this one
    I Know of a tool that can edit psv files. I will pm Ps3news to see if i can upload tool

    Edit: I noticed when i transferred my games saves to the ps3 it did not transfer the system config file which stores the independence exploit. it did however transfer the swap magic 3 elf, snes station elf, and Ar max Coder Files. these are all visible on the virtual memory card. Does anyone know of any ingame saves that boot code of the ps2? ie splinter cell or 007 agent under fire softmod from the xbox?

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    Apr 2005
    Just try it on your own initially, if it works great.. if not then no biggie. No need to upload random idea attempts here unless something works HEHE then we can investigate further (as a group) if one pans out. Thanks guys!

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    sargos Guest
    if it can be useful in anyway, I can confirm that ps2 backups can boot on v1.32 ps3 using swap magic disks and swapping the games manually.. after opening the dvd-rom top cover.

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    Spunks3 Guest
    just a thought... didnt sony add the ability to boot the disc directly in the new FW? maybe we can use that for something?

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    LayzieBone Guest
    Paradox is probably using the PS2 engine as mentioned to exploit the PS3. The reason they are using the PS2 engine is the fact there are barely any resources out for the PS3. Another reason why I think the iso loader they have works through the PS2 engine is the fact PS3 game developers are having problems programming for the PS3 at the moment, and if it is complicated for them then I'm positive it is complicated for anybody else. I would say look at the PS2 exploits and learn from the information that is already available. To my suprise Swap Magic indeed works, and after testing out ARMax and GameShark they don't work because they are not pressed properly. I'm positive a boot disc could be made for the PS3 also,but I'm just giving you all my thoughts.

    If someone wanted to create an iso loader you would have to create a firmware extractor first. Then study all the files inside of the firmware you extracted. I don't even see a proper firmware extractor yet.

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    karakanli Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Ps3Rips View Post
    Well following on from my tests last night using my homemade version of the PS3 browser, (NetFront) on my Mobile, as promised I'm now home and have used all avail memory on PS3 causing a buffer overflow.

    It also causing XMB to crash. (outside of the browser).
    Yeah man youre makin good process. in my opinion your idea is the best one given here. Pls let us know news about your experiments.

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    Tsusai Guest
    Possible ideas: Webbrowser flash/javascript app? Customized PSV save to make it crash (it has an Icon to mod possibly)

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