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    pablo Guest
    Im totally pleased with this thread (and learning a lot since Im not a dev or anything like it). But a worry comes to my mind if you guys actually progress more (which I think you will). Dont you think Sony is reading this?

    I really think that Ps3Ripss post number 39 seems quite reasonable. I think that crashing the XMB would be a nice way to see how things work in more detail. Ill try something out and keep you up to date

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    WOWchamp Guest
    What Im wondering: What happens if older PS1/PS2 homebrew is executed once the systems integrity has been comprimised. Say there are exploits/elfs/whatever on a PS1/2 memory card and you get them on the hard drive via the PS2 memory card attachment (would it even read the homebrew files?).

    Is it hijacking the PS2 level and running from there or does it only have access on the PS3 level.

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    cyberfix Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
    Guys... just to keep this thread on course:

    I spoke with PDX three minutes ago... they 100% confirmed for me that NO Swap Magic, HDAdvance, ARMax, or any other 'swap' method or idea is involved at all. Let's move past these ideas guys... to other areas.
    What about inserting an original PS2 disc and letting the system recognize it? There has been no mention of whether or not a PS2 Disc is actually used or not. I notice that on a real disc, it will show up the PS2 Disc icon. Could the disc verfication open up a hole that maybe something can be ran from the memory card or even via the web browser?

    What is the command in a linux browser to do the same as "file:///c:" in a windows environment?

    Can we launch a web page from memory card via the web browser?

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    dhammalama Guest
    What about using the backup feature of the xmb? I'm guessing it's probably encrypted and locked down pretty tight, but maybe one could edit or add some files to the backup and then restore it to the ps3. I'm doubtful it could work but I just thought I'd mention it as it uses an approach no one's mentioned yet.

    Also is anyone here familiar with the homebrew app Mimesis on the xbox? It allowed modified content (maps etc.) to be installed onto the box and to be recognized as legitimate xbl downloads. Maybe some kind of .pkg exploit is possible.

    What's th file structure on the ps3 hd. I know that the OtherOS/linux can't touch the ps3's partition, but what about removing it accessing it from a pc? Is it encryped? Is it even possible? I'll try now although I don't really know what to do after that.

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    hycraig Guest
    I've been reading all the posts on this and as i far as i can see no one has mentioned the PS2 system data add on which can be downloaded from the PS store maybe this could be used in someway when its installed maybe theres even more access given to the PS2 side of the PS3. well its just another option i thought I'd mention.. anyway keep up the good work everyone

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Okay I did a little bit of research and this appears to be the most probable thing. There is an ActionReplay MAX with a "Get Powersaves" feature. Basically there are tutorials out there to make it get certain files from the internet that will cause a buffer-overflow on the PS2. It's basically a DNS Server exploit like we did for the PS Store. If net play still works with PS2 games, there is little reason this wouldn't work since it's using the actual hardware of the PS2.

    Don't take my word as definitive fact though. The best thing to do is try it.

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    itxaka Guest
    I think there is a possibility of loading things by memory card, i have been playing with them for a bite,the thing is the virtual memory cards are in psv format, and its kind of signed like the xbox saves were so no luck from me in this field, yet

    Also i have a ps3 1.6 EUR if anyone wants to know or try anything on this one

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    Diverge Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    If net play still works with PS2 games, there is little reason this wouldn't work since it's using the actual hardware of the PS2.
    Playing on the net w/ PS2 games still works. I tried it w/ Socom 3. It creates a network config file on the virtual memory card to do so.

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    lerobotnono Guest

    Check this link

    might find some bugg or uncomprehesived cell reactions

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    baumhak Guest
    hi! I am new here, I am from Brazil, i would like to help, the first thing that I made in mine ps3 was fixes it, came with problem in drive bluray, I already I made one case for an external hd of 320gb ..... I can make tests and research.
    Currently I am trying to create a CD with the ID of an original game of ps1 so that it executes ulauncher in one pendrive, this can be possible?

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