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Thread: PS3 iSO Loader Progression [DEV Chat ONLY!]

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    eternal Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Ezikio View Post
    Just curious, but how can you be so sure? :??

    "listen guys, run the proxyserver when you like, so you dont need to update."
    THIS is how I'm sure. I actually read the thread.

    He was just advising us guys there's no need to update.

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    Hackobell Guest
    hi guys,

    things are coming well over here. Now time to answer your questions {yes, i read every question you write}. I recommend you guys to use yellow dog, then, im running 1.6 and yes, update without problems, all versions have the same bug, this is my personal opinion. then about the questions of the ps3 EU and the ps2 emulation. We can actually load with any problems ps2 games on the USA and JP version, just with some bugs that are difficult to resolve or that is what my team is saying, i havent looked at that part yet. in the EU we have been able to run games but only until intro, then they crash.

    Bye bye.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nai View Post
    Its already started, [email protected] needs 1.6. Try to install it on 1.5 you just get an error even though PS3 thinks it doesnt need to update.
    It's because FaH client app itself is performing it's own verification of firmware version but unlike the normal PS3 update check it's using encrypted file to do so so it's not that easy (if even) to spoof in another one ...

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    Hackobell Guest
    Hi guys. I have to announce that i am quitting the everyday post i have been making since first day. For those supporting me, thankyou again. I will not release any new info of the loader until the launch day, I must only say something for those that supported me, the trick is in the CPU of the console, and yes, the XMB runs while linux is on.

    BYE bye.

    PS> Ps3news, thanks for everything if you need something email me.

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    OK, sounds good Hackobell!

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    darkmetal Guest
    Well can anyone tell me how longs this is all going to take to release?

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    If we knew, it would be posted.. PDX still claims they have a 'surprise' coming and mention 'Santa' (hence X-Mas release possibly?) but I wouldn't hold my breath based on all their previous NFO files and lack of anything materializing.

    In short, the only known loader to date is the SPA iSO Loader (which one PDX guy has) but unless someone leaks or reverses it chances are it will be awhile before we see a public one... at least until a hole is found which allows launching PS3 homebrew/unsigned code.

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    eni9889 Guest

    New PS3's

    I am wondering since the new ps3's (i own one) do not have backwards capability will those ps3's still be able to play backups?

    If the otheros is the key then I guess developers would just progressively have to find a way to mount ps3 isos and those without backwards capability would only be allowed to run ps3 isos and not psx or ps2 isos (well not yet anyways guess years from now the ps2 emulator could be ported for ps3 given the new access to 3d that have been gained.)

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