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    keytor69 Guest
    Would it not be possible to get an ISO version of a game and also a pkg version of the same game and possibly work out the file structure inside the pkg file ?

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    ordimans Guest
    Anybody has a software for see structure of PKG file?

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    BAMitUp Guest

    PS3 Square Button

    Quote Originally Posted by r3pek View Post
    i've been thinking.... If the XMB is always running, can we use the tip PDX gave us (about SPEs and shared stuff) to make it crash and enter some kind of debug mode? we can try and tamper with all the SPEs hoping that one of them it's running XMB's code. If we cause a corrupt data problem, maybe XMB will go into debug mode and still access all the already mounted cd images. What do you guys think?
    First of all, if i'm correct, we would have to locate that hidden 7th SPU becuase Linux has no access or knowledge of that SPU there. There can be two reasons to this:

    1. When installing linux through otheros.self, the self file makes sure that the bootloader has no clue that the 7th SPU exists, thus linux will have no idea it existed. We can solve this by:

    a. Editing the .self file so that it won't hide the SPU and the bootloader won't pick it up. The reason I believe this is that the firmare 1.60 doesn't require the .self or .bld to install linux on the system. hinting the fact that maybe Sony discovered it's own problem in the .self and .bld systems? They might have discovered that the self system was exploitable, and completely removed that part of linux installation and make a bypass system that's much more secure.

    b. Within linux itself, we would have to discover a method of finding the 7th SPU. How? I don't know... but once that occurs, we would create a linux crash that provokes the hypervisor in shutting down linux because of security issues and bringing up the XMB again. Before we cause the security provoking we could mount all the game and then crash.

    All in all this is a difficult method of booting a game. I have absolutly no clue what to do in linux, i can give logical plans based on the knowledge i've been collecting. But I do agree with so many others, that in order to proceed with a breakthrough we do require everyone that has some sort of information that goes somewhere to help our congegation of thinkers.

    It would benefit all of us. Hackobell I do respect that fact that your team would like to recieve credit for your information, and i don't deny that, but in the future maybe you can join your team with us other thinkers to become a better team, eh?

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    grillo2k5 Guest
    my question to you is when you do this on a EU PS3 do the ps1 games seem to run slow since xmb and linux are runnig in the backround becuase the EU ps3 uses emu for ps1 and ps2 games, I dont see this to affect the US version since it has the actual hardware to run them.

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    Pyth0n Guest

    PS3 Square Button PS3 ISO Content

    I downloaded Oblivion and just for curiosity I mounted the image using Daemon Tools.

    It's a plain ISO file with no encripted data at all. All the oblivion files are there into folders with the same structure as a PSP game.

    You have the PS3_DISC.SFB file with some description and an hybrid flag.

    It also have a look alike menu style with ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG and SND0.AT3 to set the icon and background when browsing with XMB. Even the PARAM.SFO is there.

    I guess the files under USRDIR are encripted cause I cant see any of the data they have.

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    RancidMilkMan Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Hackobell View Post
    Well guys, first of all thanks for your support. Then, im not working alone, im working with some real genious that are now working for you people on psx games and ps2 games. Actually, the info i have been saying is what i can give you, i have my reasons for this little info. First of all, i dont want any team to crash our project. Just say, be patient, i will be saying info every week, so you guys see how the project goes.

    Bye bye.
    Sorry if you said this already but What firmware are you currently testing this on?

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    eternal Guest
    I'm sure Hacko is running 1.60

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    Ezikio Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by eternal View Post
    I'm sure Hacko is running 1.60
    Just curious, but how can you be so sure? :??

    "listen guys, run the proxyserver when you like, so you dont need to update."

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    I believe somewhere in the past 12 pages Hackobell stated he was using 1.60 (and that it still contained bugs)... no time to look now, but if anyone does feel free to link to the post.

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    ed2000 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
    I believe somewhere in the past 12 pages Hackobell stated he was using 1.60 (and that it still contained bugs)... no time to look now, but if anyone does feel free to link to the post.
    yes he stated that he was running 1.60 on page 9 Post #121

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