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    thanks for sharing this great news to us sir

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    with these, we can use my PC to grab files from HDD? Like act.dat and rif files.

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    It's nice to see so much progress being made recently. My hat's off to you gentlemen.

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    Mounting PS3's HDD on PC via Linux

    Mounting PS3's HDD on PC via Linux by Glevand:
    • The goal is to mount PS3 HDD on PC Linux and make changes to it.
    • Use device mapper for transparent encryption/decryption.

    ATA and ENCDEC keys

    Read more here:

    Device Mapper

    • A really cool feature of Linux 2.6/3.
    • The device mapper is stackable.
    • You have to enable a couple of new kernel features like device mapper crypto, XTS crypto and so on.

    • Swaps bytes in each 16-bit word.
    • It is necessray for HDD/VFLASH encryption/decryption.
    • Tested on Linux 3.5.3
    • GIT repo:

    What it should look like on a test run:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    On a Test with ps3da
    • Tested with Debian LiveCD and Linux 3.4.10
    • xts_aes:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    • We don't need xts_aes application anymore.
    • Linux kernel does enctyption/decryption of data transparently for us.
    • One of the device mapper features is that it's stackable which is very useful for us.
    • VFLASH is encrypted twice. So we have to create a second DM crypto target based on the DM crypto target for HDD.

    HDD Test
    Tested on PS3 itself with Debian LiveCD and Linux kernel version 3.4.10 but you can use the same technique on a Linux PC. I was just lazy and it is easier to test on PS3.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    VFLASH Test

    [Register or Login to view code]

    PS3 HDD Partition Table
    • Now that we can decrypt/encrypt PS3 HDD with Linux, we want to be able to mount HDD/VFLASH regions because only then we can do changes to UFS or FAT filesystems on the HDD.
    • We have to implement PS3 HDD partition table in Linux kernel.
    • The Linux kernel with this feature will create all partition devices automatically in this case and we could mount and modify any HDD regions easily.
    • A new Linux kernel patch is necessary.
    • PS3 partition table is of size 0x1000 bytes.
    • Implemented PS3 partition support in Linux kernel. See patch 0035-ps3-partition.patch here


    [Register or Login to view code]

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    This is very helpful since I thought I lost my game saves after my fatboy crapped out

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    4.66 works?

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