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Thread: PS3 Infinity USB TB / JB2 Dongle Clone Surfaces from Matrix Team

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    PS3 Infinity USB TB / JB2 Dongle Clone Surfaces from Matrix Team

    Following up on the previous rumors, today news of a new DRM-infected PS3 USB JB2 dongle clone (still relies on TB EBOOTs) from the Matrix Team has leaked out with details below.

    Download: Infinity USB 3.55 Dongle Custom Firmware V2 / Infinity USB V3.6C Dongle Firmware Update / Infinity USB PC Tools / MultiMAN v02.09.00 Base (20111006-205000)

    To quote: This morning we got informed from our hacking stuff supplier that is Matrix Team is going to announce a new PS3 dongle in few days. It is named “Infinity USB” and runs existing and new v3.6+ games from HDD in conjunction with standard backup managers.

    Unfortunately, their official site hasn’t updated any photos yet, but the product features was published, and I have got the games compatible lists, judging from the documents it can support around 300 games that’s really good news for all gamers. It was said that more function was in testing.

    Official Site: /

    • No need to open your console, just plug and play.
    • Booting of games designed for PS3 system software v3.6 and above
    • Runs your existing games and new v3.6+ games from HDD in conjunction with standard backup managers
    • Does not require the power/eject trick
    • Custom v3.55 Dongle firmware behaves like OFW when INFINITY USB is not inserted
    • Further features to be added as they are developed
    • On board 4 MBytes SPI flash
    • Supports Fat and Slim PS3 consoles currently running any firmware up to v3.55 and any PS3 which can be downgraded successfully from v3.6+ to v3.55 (NOTE: requires other tools)
    • Enjoy PS3 games with files on external USB HDD (FAT32)
    • Supports all regions of consoles
    • Supports all regions of v3.6+ games
    • Report Features for improve INFINITY USB compatibility.
    • MCU firmware and flash firmware updatable using easy through PC update software.
    • Smart button for plug and play using PC.

    Product Manual


    Step 1

    Make sure your PS3 is in V3.55 system, either OFW (official firmware) or CFW (official firmware). Which means if your PS3 is lower than V3.55, just update it to V3.55! If your PS3 is higher than V3.55, sorry, you can not use this item. please use E3 flasher to downgrade your PS3 to V3.55 first.

    Step 2

    When your PS3 is in V3.55, you need to install the PS3 INFINITY V3.55 CFW V2. Here is the method on how to install PS3 INFINITY USB CFWandMULTIMAN.The update method is just the same as update the official firmware via USB storage.

    Prepare Custom Firmware V2

    1. Download the INFINITY USB 3.55 Dongle Custom Firmware V2on Web page.
    2. Extract the file, you will get "" folder, you can see "PS3UPDAT.PUP" inside.
    3. Prepare a USB storage (300MB free space request), create a folder named "PS3"in the root of your USB storage, then create another folder named "UPDATE" under the "PS3" folder, put "PS3UPDAT.PUP" into “\PS3\UPDATE\” folder.
    4. Double comfirm under \PS3\UPDATE\ folder in contant PS3UPDAT.PUP files.

    Prepare MULTIMAN

    1. Download the multiMAN ver 02.09.00 BASE (20111006-205000).zipon Web page.
    2. Extract the file "multiMAN ver 02.09.00 BASE (20111006-205000).zip", you can see "multiMAN ver 02.09.00 BASE (20111006-205000).pkg" inside.
    3. Put "multiMAN ver 02.09.00 BASE (20111006-205000).pkg" into mass storage root folder “\”.

    Custom Firmware Install

    1. Plug your USB storage into your PS3 USB Slot 1 and power on your PS3.
    2. Select the system update option on Settings icon and choose update via USB storage.
    3. Choose the PS3UPDAT.PUP and start updating. Wait until finish updating. (Don′t power off during the system update progress)
    4. After Install complete, PS3 will display icon screen again. The INFINIT-3.55-CFW-V2.0 firmware store in PS3 now.
    5. Power Off the PS3 and Plug the INFINITY USB Dongle onSlot 1 and Plug the mass storage on Slot 2.
    6. Power On again, INFINITY USB Dongle LED will flash. After PS3 menu display. You can see two folder on Game Icon: * Install Package and */app_home/PS3_GAME/

    MULTIMAN Install

    1. Select the * install Package Files on Game icon and choose multiMAN via USB storage.
    2. Choose the multiMAN ver 02.09.00 BASE (20111006-205000).pkg and start install. (Don′t power off during the install in progress)
    3. After Installation, you will see MULTiMAN icon near to folder */app_home/PS3_GAME/

    Step 3

    After this step, you have installed the INFINITY USB. Let′s go and start playing a game. i will take "FEAR 3" as an example.

    Notice: You need to replace the PS3 patched eboot for the V3.60+ games before you play the games.

    It means you need to download the both FEAR 3 game file and also F.E.A.R.3_EBOOT_PATCH_TB_ PS3-PARADOX if you dont do this step,the screen will freeze and changeblack. ok i have downloaded those files and also have patched it, let′s go.

    1. Before you power on the PS3, just insert the INFINITY USB on slot 1 and the your game HDD / mass storage on slot 2.
    2. Config “Disc Auto-Start Off” on System Setting.
    3. Insert official PS3 game (blue disc) on PS3. (Any official game)
    4. Start Multiman and choosegame “FEAR3” on game List browser.
    5. Press X to load the game, and than goto PS3 menu again
    6. On PS3 menu you can see blue disc icon and it's label is “FEAR3.”
    7. Select disc icon Press X.

    Done, congratulations!

    ** Slot 1 USB on Left side of PS3 , Slot 2 USB on right side.

    Update: To quote from LT-jerry: Well, we got this picture from our hacking stuff supplier this morning; but it just the beta packaging with transparent white. It was said that the user cheat function will be added finally. Their official site will update the new information in the following days.

    [imglink=|PS3 Infinity USB TB / JB2 Dongle Clone Surfaces from Matrix Team][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 Infinity USB TB / JB2 Dongle Clone Surfaces from Matrix Team][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 Infinity USB TB / JB2 Dongle Clone Surfaces from Matrix Team][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    NTA Guest
    But bad. I thought NBA 2k12 was already was already released for dongles. Doesn't seem to be though according to the list

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    elser1 Guest
    i wonder if dean from MM gets a cut of all these dongles. i believe they really should produce there own back up manager too if they gonna profit from piracy of piracy/LMAO

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    technodon Guest
    how about a dongle to access PSN

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    so here it is then?? the solution to playing 3.60 + games cause if someone has played a backup of a recent game lets say amazing spider-man then ok but has anyone tested it yet?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Not so sure about these cause eboots might be made anymore since the dongle isn't being made. From what I heard is that they will be coming out with a new one soon. Also e3 is suppose to have something coming out. Thanks

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Honestly as it stands it's all a mess IMO. I'm waiting for a huge CFW release, I don't have the patience to deal with dongles and BD burning. That defeats the main reasons why I use CFW, not having to switch discs and faster loading times.

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    spark32 Guest
    I just use CFW so I can play Diablo 1 for PSX, because you can't get that anywhere. And ya know what? It doesn't need an eboot. lol

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    Ezio Guest
    Still another damned dongle.

    Also it appears LighTake was incorrect, it isn't from the Matrix Team after all:

    Matrix Team, producer of popular products suchs as Matrix Infinity, Matrix Glitcher Series, Matrix Freedom PCB etc. would like to clearly state we are not involved in any way in the announced ‘Infinity Dongle’ for Playstation 3.

    If this product is not a fake the people behind it are clearly trying to profit from Matrix Team excellent reputation in both production quality and product support to improve their sales.

    Any real Matrix Team product will always be announced first on our official Web site:

    Best regards, The Matrix Team!

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    Matrix ODE for PS3 Slim Consoles is Announced

    Today yet another ODE device was announced, namely the Matrix ODE for PS3 Slim consoles with details as follows:

    Team MatrixODE has inform us of their own PS3 ODE, which is designed to work on Slim consoles and has similar features to the E3, but with a promise to be cheaper and more stable then the E3

    Not much is know yet of this sudden new entry by the Team MatrixODE into the already crowded PlayStation 3 Optical Drive Emulator market, but the team promises it to be more stable and cheaper then the E3, and it looks, operates, and features are very similar to the E3 except the 'Matrix ODE' PCBoard looks to be better overall design, and they claim it is fully compatible with existing ISO tools by both Cobra and E3 teams, here is their feature list:
    • No eject and NO restart
    • Select game and run automatically
    • Supports all slim PS3's including previously "unbreakable" 2k5,3k and 4k systems!
    • Select game, switch game and switch mode from MTX OS directly!
    • Play games on ODE mode or BD drive mode
    • Homebrew supported
    • Easy upgrade and easy use
    • Updatable via USB storage
    • High quality components used throughout
    • Built at a high tech facility
    • Easy installation on 25xx,3xxx and 4xxx series Slim and Super Slim series consoles with solder board (quick solder board)
    • Advanced software onboard and frequent free updates
    • BD Movie support to follow (in a future update)
    • PS1 and PS2 ISO support to follow (in a future update)
    • Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended

    We also been informed the units are already in stock and will be shipping soon to authorized resellers in your area, see their official Web site for details, in the meantime here is short video of the Matrix ODE in action:

    Finally find attached below a picture of their overall package and their user manual, but for more info please visit their official Web site:

    Finally, from the PS3 scene profiteer behind the Cobra and E3 ODE Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA): Some more info, after posting this news, users have dug in deeper into this product.

    #1: It is using the MATRIX name but is NOT in any way shape or form from the famous hardware scene group called 'The Matrix Team'

    October 28, 2013

    PS3 ODE products on the market

    We have been informed that there are some PS3 ODE of poor quality on the market that are trying to sell using MATRIX brand name.

    We want to advise all our customers and partners that we have no partnership or involvement whatsoever with these products.

    To all the people writing to us, we cannot help you with the all the problem that you are reporting to us, because THIS IS NOT our product.

    We strongly suggest to all the people having problems to send it back to the shop where they bought it and get their money back. The real MATRIX team's Web site (, if they release anything it is HERE and ONLY here!

    #2: The MATRIXODE is for sure 100% clone of the E3 ODE, maybe even E3 themselves making it, changing names as they got such horrible BAD reviews!

    #3: All their claims of (future support and upgrades) is all of course based on fact if other ODE's improve their product E3 or Cobra, as MATRIXODE tools, manuals, files on the download page are all just hex-edit tools from Cobra or E3 with the names changed around.

    #4: Their Web site if you view it you can see it is CLONE also of Cobra's original Web site, same layout, same text font, just the words changed a bit and the pictures and links.

    #5: Since it is clone of E3, it has all the same faults, don't see how it will work on 2000 or 2100 models that don't need soldering, so again only 2k5 and up, and since it uses the E3 firmware you depend on them to update it, not Matrix, and it will have same faults, like slow loading if too many games, and bad support NTFS and no split file ISO support.

    #6: It might live up to its claim of being cheaper and more stable then E3, but remember you get what you pay for, this is clone of clone, that depends on the other teams for support, so be warned, it might not be worth the extra $5 to $10 you going to be saving.

    So remember if you want true, fast, supported ODE on your PS3 without problems, spend the extra and stay with the original team, Cobra that one that cares and supports you!

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