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    Apr 2005

    Matrix ODE Updated to v1.3 with New ISO Manager Support

    MatrixODE has recently updated their PS3 Optical Drive Emulator, and now the Matrix ODE is similar in operation as the Cobra ODE with its own new ISO Manager Browser system found in the v1.3 update package.

    MatrixODE is one of last ODE's to enter the marketplace, and is basically a clone of the E3 ODE device, but with some improved parts so it is more stable in operation in the PS3 consoles it supports which are from older 2k5 Slim's up to latest 4k Super-Slims.

    Like the other ODE's for later Slim models it needs a bit of soldering, and the only feature it offers compare to the others is an lower price, but with that lower price means you have to wait until the others update, and they figure out how to clone that update to make it with their product.

    And finally the MatrixODE team has done just that with their v1.3 release which offers the New & Improved Browser that the hard-efforts of Cobra team had developed first, which allows you to quickly select and play your ISO's on your ODE HDD without the need of any homebrew manager, and without the need of ejecting or restarting your PS3 console.

    Here is the D/L links for those wishing to update their MatrixODE product:

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    Badro Guest

    MultiMAN and Rogero pkg installer help?

    I am currently using a slim ps3 320 gb, modded using matrix ofw v4.53. I installed matrix ode pkg installer v1.2 and tried to install many pkg files, and only managed to install 1 others gave me error "Not debug" or something like that.

    So i downloaded and installed multiman and rogero on an hdd, connected to ps3, installed multiman using the pkg installer, it succeeded and took a long time but after it was done, i open multiman and find error (80010017) what should i do? please help, ty

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    windrider42 Guest
    That error is an EBOOT error, so I am not familiar with the ODE's at all, but would say something is not right with your game. Might need a fix or something to fix the EBOOT.

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    killa187211 Guest
    whoa sounds hard

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    josh1212 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by killa187211 View Post
    whoa sounds hard

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    Acarius Guest

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    sinister123 Guest
    hi how do i go about jailbraking my ps3?

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    ultramilk Guest
    I wonder when Matrix ODE come out with upgrade ofw 4.6?

    BADRO what you need is download MM for ODE in format .iso file just search it
    after that make it online and update it and back to MM that you just install earlier and there you go

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    marquinhopsy Guest
    January 2015?

    Unfortunately I do not know the answer

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    ko2wn Guest

    does anyone have a download link the latest multiman for ode?


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