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Thread: PS3 and Infectus Dumps (warm and cold)

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    NDT Guest

    PS3 and Infectus Dumps (warm and cold)

    Well, after finding that the restored dumps can only be latest version installed dumps i thought to test warm dumps too (i always tryed warm dump of lower versions before of today) and the result is that they indeed works! So both cold and warm dumps works (even into a turned off/bricked console), the only important thing is that they have to be the latest version of firmware ever installed in that console.

    This i just to clarify my tests.

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    angelbemine3 Guest
    so is there a possiblity that after a major fw like 2.x they installed a check on the fw? That could explain why 1.6 to 1.5 could work but newer fw can't.

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    NDT Guest
    I guess that check has been inserted from 2.17 version of firmware included.

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    d4ny Guest
    But, can you confirm that?

    I'm on 2.01 and my question is if I install Infectus chip I will be able to downgrade to any previous fw? I assume to use your downgrader Obviously because I don't have my own dumps due to lack of Infectus.

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    NDT Guest
    Yes i can confirm it and if you install the infectus modchip and you'd like to try the downgrade tool i would like to help you in the procedure.

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    pompomgirl Guest
    So, 2.17 and above reject older firmware... Until then it was rumored that a 'failover' ability existed that would prevent any bad flash. The older firmware was to coexist with the new one.

    Do you think the 'failover' ability ever existed? Or is just a dropped feature after 2.17? (for sure we heard about bricked ps3's after 2.41 installation...)

    Now, let's dream a bit... (just an hypothesis and maybe our last chance). Let's imagine there is just 1 bit of information persistant somewhere on the motherboard. It would tell cpu which firmware is to boot. Each time you install a new firmware the bit is reversed.

    The verification added to 2.17 'might' be to just verify that the 'right' fw to boot is more recent than the other one. So, to counter that verification, you would alway upgrade an even number of times before attempting a 'downgrade' by reflash.

    I agree there is a small probability it works that way... Just a thought.

    On the other way, if the 'failover' ability is not dead, there is still a way to research. i.e to install the fw you want as the safety one and kill the primary one... But well, Sony may just have killed that nice feature.

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    d4ny Guest
    Few months ago i've installed Infectus on my PS3 60GB PAL which had FW 2.01.

    Then I made about ten dumps using external power to the flashes approach only. So my dumps were cold. After comparing using "Total Commander - Compare by content" I've been sure that my dumps are proper (all dumps have the same content - no differences).

    Then I updated to FW 2.10, and again I made ten proper dumps. When I was sure that I have proper 2.01 and 2.10 dumps I've decided to flash 2.01 back.

    So I flashed 2.01, after flash I've dumped it and compared with the source and they were the same. But my console didn't started. After few seconds of green led light it started to blink yellow and (as I remember) shutdowns. So my console shows me the first signs of clinical death

    After that I've flashed 2.10 back and it help. Console starts and functioning. So I can confirm that 2.10 makes me not allowed to downgrade by reflash using my own 2.01 dumps

    I've never tryed this again, but I think it's not possible because my first attempt failed :-(

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    Transient Guest
    I'm curious if anyone has tried zeroing out the data on the PS3's HDD before powering on after a downgrade? As I understand it, the later firmwares also write some data to the HDD.

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    NDT Guest
    I tried to power it ON witout hdd (after a downgrade) and it didn't worked so hdd doesn't care, console does bip bip suddenly...

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    pompomgirl Guest
    If 2.10 is really the one that brings anti-downgrade verification, then it reveals a bit more about Sony's fear of RSX hack... (2.10 is the one which countered RSX hack).

    If the 'upgrade twice then downgrade' trick really doesn't work then, for sure, that means an emergency lock up procedure (probably based on efuses) has been activated in 2.10 and above, and the 'failover' ability has been silently dropped. So, for 2.10 or above, Sony rather likes letting PS3's get bricked by accident than allowing the RSX hack to reactivate.

    I think this is the only logical explanation to this 'panic' mode activation on Sony side...

    The RSX can probably be used to put down the entire PS3 security... And Sony remains completely silent about RSX to not give any clue on this (probable) fact. After all the 360 GPU's helped a lot to turn it into hacked platform.

    If this scenario is true, then the way to go is :
    - remain below 2.10 at all cost
    - hack ps3 completely under 2.10
    - create custom fw's based on more recent fw's for game compatibilites, spoofing them
    (a nice and long way to go...)

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