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Thread: PS3 and Infectus Dumps (warm and cold)

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    idone Guest


    It is much better to flash with console completely off and external power applied.

    Doing some small patching with console on then powering off with front button has caused random errors for me and made some functions not work until reflashed with a good dump cold.

    The reason i suspect is that data is shifted around when console is booted, and powered off, so some conflicts happen when you power off after a warm flash. One such error i can mention is wifi not working after altering the mac address with the console on and then powering off normally, where as no errors occur when the same data is written with the console off.

    If you must flash with the console powered on i suggest after the flash is complete that you power off the console with the switch in the rear of the console...this has proven for me to keep from getting any errors/glitches.

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    pacific808 Guest
    Hey I was gonna start a new thread but decided to post it here. I was over at qj where I came across an article that might help the devs here. Didn't see a post about it.

    Hope it helps you devs out.

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    Ya, that has been done since last March and it doesn't accomplish anything sadly... we had a thread with some more dumps I could try to find/resurrect but one related download is here:

    Look familiar also? LOL!

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    CJPC Guest
    Yeah, its basically useless. Once the system is in linux, listening to what you connect to the USB ports really wont accomplish anything.

    On top of all that, cating usbmon and outputting it to a log file isn't really worthy of any "code", considering its only 2-3 lines of commands in a terminal, at best!

    So yeah, quite useless for any goals we all want to accomplish!

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