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    ps3hen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 1one View Post
    Cfwprophet, would you mind sharing your tool or the source code

    Do you have a irc channel?
    He said it's not finished.

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    Portalcake Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    Then also pls keep away with rebug. Even if you change the to time change able 2 idps's and run a dex kernel on rebug... you can't use the debugger mode, you cant use target manager, you can't use the special downgrader pup's and jump between FW's as you want, you can't use BD EMU,... should i go on ??

    About the metldr exploit you mentoined: You even know that this exploit is an hardware exploit ? So you need first to find out the test points on the ps3's mainboard to inject the metldr to the SPU's Local Storage directly. Do you knowed that ? Im guess not otherwise you wouldn't talk like that.

    So TRUST ME if i tell you that you would have more fun with a bootloader exploit, which is actually done and ready for release but not pulically, then with your mentoined metldr exploit.
    Sorry, didn't know that Rebug CEX wasn't as full-featured as a real DEX, outside of the things pirates would drool over.
    Also, PM.

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    Blade86 Guest
    Thank you so much for answering me. !!BIG THX!!

    At all the peace-breakers: I cannot share the bad mood in here... Even if cfwprophet doesnt give you/us your/our wished tools there is no need to front him.

    At least they (cfwprophet, nabnab) take their time 2 EXPLAIN the users, why a method is not what it looks like. With their knowledge, they acctually dont need to waste their time in helping us, especially when the most of the users cannot do anything with the infos.

    BUT there are some users, for whom their effort is a BIG help, so plz let them "talk"

    I just cannot see it, why 1 team (our scene) cannot hold together and just wanted to bring some peace in here..


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    cfwprophet Guest
    I will release when everything is done and user frindly. I dono see a reason to release ACID CFW when it in first was a Retail/Debug hybried and now im working on the convertion of Retail to Debug Consoles. So i will release ACID CFW together with the convertion tool for cex2dex tool and do a reall full functional Debug CFW.

    To time im testing a lot of stuff and coding the idps-tool app together with end user gui version. the Tool will be able to guid you truth the whole process and have a lot of buttons so you mostly only need to do a click and get your pck calculated, eid decrypted - patched and re- encrypted and a request_idps.txt generated.

    Im working alone cause it seems the most coders of the scene are not interested in to help and others who allready also know what to do wont tell and also wont help us.

    But just be a bit patient and i will do my job as good as i can and at it the end a lot of users will be surprissed what a debug ps3 in conclution with target manager and a few tricks will be possible.

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    1one Guest

    Are we going to have to enter our console eid root key into your GUI tool to get the pck?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    PCK is EID key. Let me explain: per_console_key_1 = eid_root_key / per_console_key_2 = eid0_key and so on.

    You wont need to enter something into the app. Just put the files into the folder of the app and hit some buttons. To time it will be pck and a dump of your nand/nor or the eeid it self. The tool will guid you truth the whole process how to optain those two files and have everything you need inside like the cygwin installer or the dump_flash.pkg.

    It will be automated and userfrindly as much as it can.

    For sure i will release also the source code and all files i have used and i will post new infos and keys not puplic released yet.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    PS3 Request IDPS Generator v1.0.0.0 By Rnd is Now Available

    Following up on the previous PS3 IDPS update, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Rnd (aka RndRandomizer) has released a Request IDPS Generator version with details below.

    Download: PS3 Request IDPS Generator v1.0.0.0

    From the ReadMe file: REQUEST IDPS Generator - v1.0.0.0 - Rnd

    • Initial Release

    • Generate a request_idps file
    • Get PerConsole Data (board ID, cid, ecid, kiban ID, ckp2_data, ckp_management_id)


    Just get your NAND/NOR dump and drop it in this application.

    No more need for re-flashing the whole dump in order to convert EID.

    Simply it makes it easier to use it with ObjectiveSuites-SetIdps and you dont have to gether it from Sony's server.

    Put request_idps.txt in Temp folder in ObjectiveSuites, to set your request_idps and you are done with flashing the new EID.

    I'm not responsible for ANY DAMAGE it may cause! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    P.S. If somebody has a script to get the EID with ObjectiveSuites, I would be very kind if you could let me know, I will update the application.


    Contact me at RndRandomizer

    Finally, from zecoxao: Found it, now we can make our own request_idps files

    request_idps.txt (hex) info by Scorpion2k7

    name Start offset Size (byte)

    per_console_serial 0 8
    header 8 96

    - Header structure

    bytes description
    4 number of file (5)
    4 lenght of entire file (value-8)
    8 unknown (00 03 00 04 00 00 00 00)
    (file table)
    4 file position 1 (value-8)
    4 file lenght 1
    8 file id 1
    4 file position 2 (value-8)
    4 file lenght 2
    8 file id 2

    - File info

    File 1 - 16 bytes - 00 12 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    File 2 - 2144 bytes - EID0
    File 3 - 128 bytes - EID2 PBLOCK
    File 4 - 48 bytes - EID4
    File 5 - 2560 - EID5

    Finally, below is a brief guide from Abkarino as follows:

    1 - Dump you NAND/NOR flash using a memDump tool or Hardware flasher if you have a higher firmware.
    2 - Drag this dump into Request IDPS generator tool to generate the request_idps.txt file.
    3 - Set your PC IP Address to: and sub net mask to
    4 - Enter a FSM using any dongle/software method you like.
    5 - Connect your PS3 to your PC directly using Ethernet cable.
    6 - Find the old leaked CEX2DEX conversion tools that contains ObjectiveSuite-SetIDPS.
    7 - copy all files from conversion folder into flash drive and put it in the right USB slot in your PS3.
    8 - in your PC start copy the generated request_idps.txt into the TEMP folder inside the ObjectiveSuite-SetIDPS folder.
    9 - Start ObjectiveSuite.exe then power up your PS3.
    10 - Wait for about 1 min and you will see a "PASS" message in ObjectiveSuite.
    11 - Now turn off your console.
    12 - Flash any 3.55 CFW DEX.
    13 - While in FSM remarry your BD Drive using 3.30 DEX PUP + 3.55 Remarry tools from Wiki.
    14 - Exit from FSM and now you have a fully functional DEX machine.

    From eussNL via IRC: patch SSL, use REQUEST IDPS Generator, lay back bored (since what happens with SetIDPS isn't really a true conversion, because you just write your own EID to the NOR/NAND).

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Video: PS3 Unbanning IDPS Proj3ct by Labuse and Raymanvtwo

    Following up on the PS3 IDPS Viewer, PS3 Request IDPS Generator and PS Unban, today French PlayStation 3 homebrew developers Labuse and Raymanvtwo have shared a video introducing their latest PS3 unbanning IDPS Proj3ct.

    To quote, roughly translated:

    This process deals with modification in the flash memory of your PS3. So beware of the risk involved. As you will be the one responsible for any damages.

    1 - It’s free.
    2 - It does not provide for IDPS.
    3 - 1 change per member (archiving R_K to control all business)
    4 - no requirement to have an ODE or another to benefit from this service.
    5 - Do not buy IDPS! , but get it by your own means. It does not provide a repair service or any failure or brick If you do not have access to PSN / SEN after our intervention, you you probably have stolen your IDPS, we test the validity of IDPS before making the change.
    6 - You do not store the IDPS valid for use and even less for
    7 - No, not the service sony unbanned person a simple phone call, this is totally false.
    8 - No, it is not a simple change with a hex editor, and it does not
    change enough to IDPS only on known offsets.

    To start here are the essential conditions to be fulfilled before you make the final change of IDPS:

    1 - Have their console banned from PSN
    2 - console already be hacked (CFW)
    3 - have a valid IDPS to provide for replacement

    If you do not meet any of these conditions, then it is no need to go further... however if all conditions are met then we will be able to do something for you, but before that take the time to read all the explanations below!


    What is to Proj3ct IDPS?

    To de-ban your console SEN / PSN actually modifying the flash memory of it.

    How do I know if it is my PSN account or if my console ID that is banned?

    If you get this message to the PSN sign: “Access denied or temporarily suspended for this system,” is that your console ID banned.

    To which PS3 models are targeted modification of ID with IDPS Proj3ct?

    For all models Fat and Slim CFW (before 3000 series).

    Who is this service free of IDPS change?

    Everyone has provided to meet the three key points above, nor any ODE Flasher is asked to make the change.

    Why Does not provide you IDPS?

    Just for 2 reasons: The first is that for the time being we do not yet generate non-original identifiers so they must find true and valid they are rare and valuable, however we work in progress to try to remedy this problem... and the second, CFW consoles connecting to PSN are too easily spotted and can not afford to lose identifiers for a few hours / days of games online.

    Why Proj3ct IDPS is not distributed freely?

    Because the conversion of the dump is difficult and requires a good knowledge in this field, any approximation leads directly onto a brick your console, but also to avoid unscrupulous pharmacies that will make their business to make money with our work, we hope that it is Free for the community and we will offer you this service. s

    Secondly, because this change make public console could seriously undermine all users PS3 OFW, and it is only this reason that motivated the choice of delivery method!

    How it’s gonna happen to change definitely IDPS?

    1) Visit in [APPLICATION] IDPS PROJ3CT (ps-addict.fr/forum/post96895.html#p96895) to put your formal request for change of IDPS, stating:

    PS3 Slim 320 GB / Fat 40 gb, etc. ...
    Model: CECH .....
    CFW up:
    Level of knowledge PS3 (beginner - expert - expert)

    2) Wait for an consideration answer of your request.

    3) After acceptance of your application to the post in question, you can send your items BUT only in MP to Labuseor Raymanvtwo the following files:
    • Your Root_Key
    • Dump Your conducted with MM
    • Your IDPS (HS recovered on a console, for example)
    • A picture of your system properties in Multiman

    Note: you will find the method and tools to recover these different elements in the [TUTORIAL] IDPS PROJ3CT (ps-addict.fr/forum/post96894.html#p96894).

    4) We check first the actual validity of your IDPS then proceed to the actual change of the IDPS in your dump. We send it back within 2 to 4 days max MP.

    5) You re-flash your PS3 with Multiman to the dump you have recovered.

    6) You still have to format your PS3 to erase all traces using a CFW and you can now enter the OFW update, your console is banned from de-SEN / PSN! attention: any use of PSN CFW after the de-banning your console to deliver in the same situation a few hours / days later... and I recall that we do not make one final change by console! Enjoy!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Brenza Guest
    That's not hard, you just have to:

    1) Decrypt the whole eEID from the flash using the per_console_key_1 and the various sub-section keys (eid0, eid1, eid2... these keys can be obtained using the pck1 so you won't have any problem to retrieve them)
    2) Replace the IDPS in the decrypted eid0 and eid5
    3) Re-encrypt all the stuff and write it back to the flash
    4) Perform a remarry (i think you might be able to fix the eid4 and update the bd-key directly via pc but i never tried it)

    NB: this practice not so hard and it DOES NOT allow to to play online with CFW, you would get banned again and again... do not try this if you plan to stay on cfw, it's useless!!!

    You should also be awared that changing the console's idps will cause lot of troubles with your savegames and throphy decryption / syncronization.

    Oh, and unbanning the console won't OBVIOUSLY allow to unban your SEN account.

    oh, i forgot it.. it can also be done automatically via Factory Service Mode (currently only on 3.55 and lower as the required sig file hash has been revoked in highter firmwares)

    You just need ObjectiveSuites and a valid request_idps file (that we can generate "easily" with the info HERE)

    And here's a few personal notes:

    1) this practice not so hard and it DOES NOT allow to to play online with CFW, you would get banned again and again... do not try this if you plan to stay on cfw, it's useless!!!
    2) you obviously will not be able to unban yous SEN account
    3) changing the idps will cause troubles with tour save\trophy files (you should be able to resign them properly using aldo's application)

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    mmanolos Guest
    Thanks for your information, Brenza! Anyway, it sounds too complicated, risky and useless right now as you said.

    I was never really interested in playing online, and I think my PS3 was banned when I went online just to use the Youtube app and launched MM after... I was wondering, as the French guys said "CFW consoles connecting to PSN are too easily spotted", if anyone knows exactly what Sony can see and if a PS3 can really be stealthty in the future. How is the CFW online status today? Is it a matter of time to be banned or is there no way to be unnoticed?

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