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Thread: PS3 Ideas as usual?

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    myrideruk Guest

    Lightbulb PS3 Ideas as usual?

    Dont know where I goin with this, I am just lookin into how the PS3 game saves are formed etc, I noticed its very identical to the psp, icon0, pic1, param etc etc, I am tryin to find a program called Password Fortress, I think this is what sony are using to protect there save files with, PARAM.PFD if opened by an hex editor shows PFDB within which is a Password Fortress extension, and the weird thing is you cant find this software anywhere on the net, has sony bought them out?? for themselves??

    also I noticed I have an account ID in the PARAM.SFO and if i look at the Binary code it is unique on every single save game, so I assume this is binary data from my store account, which is the protection part so people cant play other peoples installed games from PS Store, I want to look more into this and see what else I can dig up, maybe it might not be a hack but at least i can understand more about the ps3 filesystem etc and bring out me own homebrew when there is a hack, hopefully a softmod!

    I'm not interested in hacking to play backups I want to play Homebrew style, I hate it when consoles are made and not used to there full potential, i.e, main menu, Media Centre addon etc

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    myrideruk Guest

    Lightbulb Might be on to Something!!!!!

    I finally found PASSWORD FORTRESS!!!!!! only took me 2 days. This is so hard to get hold of, and I can only use it for 30 days, so I might have to make it portable, So I was looking at this program to open PARAM.PFD Files, I renamed it to PARAM.PFDB so PASSWORD FORTRESS would find it I opened the fallout 3 PARAM.PFD and it showed me the sample database that comes with the PASSWORD FORTRESS program, so I deleted the sample from the PASSWORD FORTRESS Directory as I thought it was just loading that up by default.... but it weren't it acctually loaded it in and opened it, which then gives you a list of places to download shareware???

    weird!!!, but then I thought I would try another so I tried GO PUZZLE from the PS Store. When I opened it in PASSWORD FORTRESS it asks for a password to open it (invalid database password) obviously as I dont know it. So am I on to something????? I'll keep every1 informed, I'll upload the software for every1, as it is Shareware!! So people can see that this software might be the correct software used for PARAM.PFD files.

    Files Scanned with sophos and Spybot so files are clean!!!!

    File: PassFort.rar
    Password is:

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    myrideruk Guest

    Question Is it possible to hack the software that created the CRC32 PARAM.PFD

    Hi, I have been looking into the Password Fortress software that created the PARAM.PFD file in the Game Save. I don't know much about password Hashes CRC32 security, what I want to try and do is reverse engineer the software (PASSWORD FORTRESS) where it asks to enter the password to fake it!!!!!!

    if txtPass.text = "" then CARRY ON TO OPEN DATABASE, I dont know if the password is the same in all save games?? or if they are computer generated 128, 256 Hash checked files with PASSWORD FORTRESS??? hopefully sum1 will tell me i'm wrong so I can carry on with my real life

    If there is any DEVS that can look at this software and either say yes or no.

    I hope I explained this correctly!

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, nice research, however I don't believe it will get anywhere.

    Doing some research myself, apparently Password Fortress uses said password that is entered to decrypt the actual data - so there is no way to effectively bypass the prompt and decrypt the data.

    However, I highly doubt that Sony is using some freeware application to do the signing of save files, it would go against the entire basis of the system, of keeping the system secure.

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