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Thread: PS3 Hypervisor LV2 (GameOS) Dumped and Publicly Leaked!!

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    PS3 Hypervisor LV2 (GameOS) Dumped and Publicly Leaked!!

    Update: JaicraB has now shared a second (36MB) dump and update, details and the download link are available HERE and the guide is being worked on!

    Today JaicraB (linked above) with the help of DemonHades have done what GeoHot failed to do, dump and publicly leak the PS3 Hypervisor LV2 (GameOS) for the entire PS3 scene to begin reversing and examining for new holes, exploits, etc!

    But wait, there's more... they also plan to share a guide soon detailing how the LV2 dump was done (see HERE for the LV1 dump leak) so that everyone in the PlayStation 3 development community can join in on the fun!

    This is indeed refreshing news in comparison to a lone glory hound out only for himself instead of the PS3 scene, seeking attention while blinded by his own e-fame from the notion that others in the community are just as capable, if not moreso, as will surely be demonstrated in coming months.

    BIG PROPS to both JaicraB and DemonHades, you guys deserve it and we are honored to see your willingness to share with everyone to further PS3 development. You truly are shining examples of what the scene is all about, and you will be remembered for this.

    Download: PS3 Hypervisor LV2 (GameOS) Dump [48.0MB (50,331,648 bytes)] / PS3 Hypervisor LV2 (GameOS) Dump [35.2MB (37,000,000 bytes)]

    To quote, roughly translated: "DHorg friends because that is in luck, and I DemonHades and JaicraB we have dump the LV2 (supervisor) thereby obtaining ps3 kernel very soon we detailed the dump.

    Jaicrab a pleasure working with you friend.

    Best to all! A week ago I started to dismount for the first time a PS3 and install Linux without any experience. My only goal was to teach people to change the cooling of a PS3. Gradually I was calling attention to the world of SCENE and a week I give the LV2.

    This concludes a long afternoon with only one thought. DemonHades Thanks for sharing your experience with me and spend the whole evening with me and discuss check for teaching me everything you know in two hours. The truth is that without DemonHades would have been almost impossible. A great and wise person.

    After an entire afternoon leading a project in mind, we could dump the LV2. We had read access of the last session before entering XMB Other.

    I promised. It will explain the method to follow if you want to do you the same. Enjoy it!

    Next step? The next step is Inmagine. First of all tomorrow if I can I will explain the process of how to do it.

    It is not a simple dump LV2, but a dump of the entire session previously opened in XMB. What you need to debug the dump way to make things not to mix the session Other and so we can analyze everything that we run in XMB.

    This dump was made with an upper size LV2, which contains trash otheros session mixed with XMB. The LV2 area is intact, are the first 36 megabytes, which is lv0, LV1, LV2.

    You open a door and you find 50 more, each new door you can open 50 more doors. Choose your path to investigate and share it with everyone."

    Finally, pictured below is the IDA Pro SPU processor module in action!

    [imglink=|PS3 Hypervisor LV2 (GameOS) Dumped and Publicly Leaked!!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 Hypervisor LV2 (GameOS) Dumped and Publicly Leaked!!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 Hypervisor LV2 (GameOS) Dumped and Publicly Leaked!!][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ekrboi Guest
    haha beat me to it.. i just posted this news as well! did you happen to get it before it became "temporarily unavailable" on megaupload?

    edit - its back i just downloaded it.

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    If you reload the page a few times it should let you download it... it worked that way here.

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    MisSpark Guest
    Not extracting with the password..

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    ekrboi Guest
    hmm worked for me.. I'm glad demonhades is willing to help unlike some others we all know of.. but what i'm wondering was this the first time that demonhades has got his hand on the LV2? or did i miss that news?

    I can't wait to see how it was done.. if i read the horrible translation correct it seems he loaded GameOS then more than likely hard shut down the PS3 and booted OtherOS and dumped LV2 that was still in memory.. so a warm boot attack basically?

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    red8316 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MisSpark View Post
    Not extracting with the password..
    Might want to try downloading it again. The password does work. This happened the other day with me. The download might have been corrupt in some way. I re-downloaded and it worked.

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    TUHTA Guest
    Ok i reuploaded it. Deleted password and archive by WINRAR

    Special for you!

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    Raze1988 Guest
    WoW! Really?

    So this is the very first public, free for everyone LV2 dump we have, right?

    Very, very cool.

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    sananth Guest

    link down again

    I was able to download it just before it went down.

    Great job JaicraB!

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    sananth Guest
    Correction: my download was fine. I was just unable to open it.

    For anyone struggling to open it, 7zip did the trick for me. It supports AES encryption, so, download 7zip from here, and give it a try:

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