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    hell yea i always read demonhades i have much more faith in him than geohot also jaicrab, don't get me wrong i appreciate geohotz work since he gave us the begining of this and i really apreciate that but he doesn't share much of his acomplishments and if we want to advance then we have to work all together.. theres no I in team lol hopefully the ps3 gets homebrew by this year!

    ps2 - 2 years to hack
    ps3- 3 years to hack?

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    Looks like there is lots of lv0, lv1, lv2 text matches when searching for those terms. Gnome is also seen in there if searched for. Perhaps what he installed on the Other Os. lv0 3.1.5 is also seen. Perhaps his firmware version.
    Cell OS SDK3.1.5 000
    Copyright 2009 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc
    release build: r43498 2009_12_01_200000
    Installation date : Tue Dec 1 21:17

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    finally... did they use the same method as egohot ? and guys if you have issues downloading from megaupload!, then here is a link i uploaded on mediafire.

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    i smell warmboot attack by switching off the back off the power and booting in to linux and having something copy over ram "was that hard to write"

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    Let the real games begin

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    Anyone recommend buying a new fat ps3 ? ...excellent news BTW

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante489 View Post
    finally... did they use the same method as egohot ? and guys if you have issues downloading from megaupload!, then here is a link i uploaded on mediafire.
    Thanks a lot! , I was having problem with megaupload. Excellent news, now let's see what "doors" this opens... hopefully not another shameful update

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    Finally, someone other than geohot managed to dump lv2. Now the pros of each area can actually do something, rather than us all waiting on geohot's ego needing a feed.

    Good luck to demonhades and everyone else involved that actually cares about the community and hacking the PS3.

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    In my opinion every fat ps3 is prone to over heating issues. I predict they will all go by by thanks to ylod. sooner or later unless you mod it with better cooling. I do not mean some kind of stupid vacum cleaner attachment on outside. but dismantling it and actually. coming up with some real cooling solutions. I my forty gig sitting in a box.

    I saw a total of seven chips that needed cooling on the mother board. four little ones maybe they are memory. rsx, and cell and one other medium sized chip. maybe that one is a video or bus controller. If had money and patients and lets not forget know how. they would buy a brand new fat ps3 with earlier firmware.

    retrofit all the components into pc case with proper cooling. then sit on it till sony gets what they have coming to them. pay it forward guys! for then taking away other os and not admitting ps3 has cooling problem!

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    From Mathieulh Twitter:
    I just checked the lv2 "dump" from demonhades, that stuff is far from complete, they used a linux kernel which overwrote over most of it
    What does that mean?
    @cmdshft meaning this ps3 lv2 dump is garbage, it can't be used for reversing.

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