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Thread: PS3 Hypervisor Dump Setup Script for IDA is Now Available

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    PS3 Hypervisor Dump Setup Script for IDA is Now Available

    Today xorloser has shared a PS3 Hypervisor Dump setup script for IDA (Interactive Disassembler), which automatically sets up function tables, resolves rtoc offsets and finds some common functions in PlayStation 3 Hypervisor Dumps for easier reversing.

    Additionally, titanmkd has updated the script with a patch available HERE, and as a result xorloser has now made his more compatible with older versions of IDA and updated it yet again with peek/poke calls labeled.

    To quote: "It seems someone took some initiative and made some software themselves to dump the hypervisor once they have the correct hardware and software. So for anyone who has used that and dumped their own hypervisor I present this PS3 HV Dump setup script for IDA.

    This script will setup function tables including the hypercall (syscall) table, mmcall table, OPD, TOC, GOT. It will find common functions such as puts and printf and very importantly it will fixup all rtoc references which are used to access global variables and strings.

    To use the script you should extract it somewhere and then from within IDA select "File->IDC File...", then navigate to where you extracted the file and select it. Please note that this script could overwrite your previous work, so please run backup your idb/i64 file before running it. I recommend running it on a freshly created database by loading your hypervisor dump into IDA as "ppc" at ROM address 0 and then running this script as detailed above before doing anything else.

    The other tidbit I wanted to share was the updates to the PPC Altivec plugin source code which I had forgotten to include in the recent releases, but which a few people have since asked for. Here is the PPC Altivec plugin v1.6 for IDA v5.6 with sourcecode. If anyone makes any fixes or adds support for new functions please pass these updates back to me so I can share them on this site."

    [imglink=|PS3 Hypervisor Dump Setup Script for IDA is Now Available][/imglink]
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    jabberosx Guest
    Awesome release as usual Xorloser!! Thanks and keep it up.

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    lavatar Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Great work xorloser!

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    PaNNaP Guest

    Fantastic work.

    I was needing something like this for a simpler ease of use. Kudos man

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    proskopina Guest
    keep going guys!!! we are waiting for more good news

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    livpool Guest


    awesome work! thanks

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    hagisbasheruk Guest

    Thanks for Info

    Yay, this is really an exciting time for the PS3 community

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    enohand Guest
    i'm guessing this script will work with IDA pro also huh?

    good job guys... now if only that certain somone would release thier lvl2 dump!

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    titanmkd Guest

    PS3_HV_Dump.idc patch for older IDA pro version which have error


    To patch your script using my little patch do following steps:
    1. Go in directory where PS3_HV_Dump.idc is extracted.
    2. Extract the file patch_TitanMKD.patch in this directory (contained in zip archive attachement).
    3. Launch following command:
      For linux users:
      patch -p0 < patch_TitanMKD.patch
      For windows users (after standard install of GnuWin32 Patch see link below):
      "C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\patch.exe" -p0 < patch_TitanMKD.patch

    For windows systems, the GnuWin32 patch command installer can be downloaded here:

    Best Regards


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    DarkOgr Guest

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    Many thanks for your work!!!

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