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Thread: PS3 Hypervisor and Bootloader Memory Dump Publically Leaked

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    hippyharry Guest

    Well, i'm no expert and im here just watching and reading, but why is his SSID and password showing up in a memory dump from a PS3?

    Is this section relating to onboard settings saved in the ps3 memory for when connecting to your local wireless network?

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    Rav Guest
    The part with the fook off, i posted a pic of it dont know why it did not show up in my post.. but besides that. when people are coding they put notes in there stuff sometimes i think it was a developers note in there lol..

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    ju2ef Guest


    Can anyone post a quick tutorial how to set up ida for that dump, i'm havin some problems. I would like to post that what i'll get out of this.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Rav View Post
    The part with the fook off, i posted a pic of it dont know why it did not show up in my post..
    If I had to guess, you linked to it instead of attaching it... whenever people link to pics or files externally, they go to the post queue and need to be approved manually if they are not a dupe, etc.

    In case anyone else is wondering how: Post Reply > Scroll down to "Attach Files" and click the "Manage Attachments" button and then you can attach files or pics up to 50MB in size.

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    chipsy Guest
    You have to remember that it's a binary file so to open the file you need a free hex editor and after that search for something like lv1... now you can begin to examine

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    yellowsnow Guest
    even though i'm sure its related to networking its stuff like this that gives me hope..

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    sapperlott Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kimd41 View Post
    I found some functions which aren't documented in the ps2dev wiki. Maybe I should add them?

    Don't since what you found aren't HV calls but it's repository data.

    See here:

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    vinothu Guest
    wow.. this is good news. let me try to do something with this. I have two PS3s, one xbox 360 & two PSPs (3004 & 2000).

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    daveribz Guest
    Finally leaked eh? I'm suprised it took so much time to surface, even with all the hype around these dumps.

    Well, let's get going!

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    I moved the HV dump posts to this new thread on it, so that all feedback can be in one place. As always, I am +Rep'ing everyone who contributes any noteworthy findings here!

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