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Thread: PS3 Hypervisor and Bootloader Dumped from RAM and More!

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    Awayze Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by proskopina View Post
    great news!!! hope soon we can play copies!!!
    I hope Sony detect you've got a hacked PS3 and totally ban your PS3 so you can't do anything with it.

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    Mantagtj Guest
    Congratulations guys well done, and congratulations for $ony for building our baby and the security on it WAS top notch now time for the ps3news guys to start ripping her apart ha ha ha, Nothing is Unbreakable LOL, wish I had even 1% of Geo's brain, but 2 kids a moaning missus is definitely a flaw in my programming

    Best wishes Guys,

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    adrian6184 Guest

    Thumbs Up

    This is a great job

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    oldschool400 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Yeah considering the fact that the PS3 only has 256MB of System Memory, I'd take a "giant guess" and say nothing at all!
    is that the actual memory? or just all the memory that $CE wants us to think it has?

    Good Work Guys!!

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    veggav Guest
    Great work

    Have anything intesting have been known from this dumps ? or anything at all ? any conclusion about reading them ?

    And it HV is lv1, bootloader lv0, what is lv2 ?

    Can it be dumped ?

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    Inoo Guest
    Good job indeed. I hope the final result to work on all versions of firmware.

    Sorry for my English.

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    zefie Guest
    I'm mostly interested in ps1 ISOs and Homebrew (think of the emulators we could accomplish without switching to OtherOS).

    I buy as many as I can, but some of the ps1 games I want are an insane $80+ on eBay/Amazon, so... I really have no interest in PS3 ISOs, maybe a little on PS2, but mostly the rare and expensive PS1 games.

    Also I'd like to see more done with that PSP emulator. I was quite annoyed when I bought the Tetris Mini off the market and found out that for some reason, that specific mini was PSP only. And my internal Sony contact came back saying it wasn't a technical issue, but a licensing issue.

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    cenoxdj Guest
    Definitely that's is really nice! So sounds like that relevan progress are coming... yahoo!

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    cmccmc Guest
    Nice, now i just hope someone can find a hole in the security so we can gain access to lv2

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    Raze1988 Guest
    Oh yeah! Great job, CJPC and kakarotoks! So right now, there are 3 HV dumps we know about:

    1) geohot's
    2) xorloser's
    3) yours

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