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    Mar 2009
    Well done CJPC! You have truly earned all the respect get.

    Your the heart of the ps3news, congrats and thank you for your time and effort.

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    Aug 2009
    really good news thanks for working, but i wanna ask something from this time on when they release the dumps will be able to make homebrews?

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    Big Grin

    no doubt, way to rock out.

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    I'm so happy you got there... after all these hours battling the PS3 you've won the first round...

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    Congratulations to all PS3 NEWS DEVS you guys did a fantastic job.

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    this sounds good. like something you can really sink your teeth into. just amazing. even if nothing useful comes out of it. It is just nice to know sony does not hold all the keys. yea stick it to the man ha. All i would love is to have excellerated linux gpu. thanks for every ones dedication!

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    i congratulate you to this masterpiece.

    i hope you will find what you are searching for in this dumps and that you can show us fast some results

    *whispering on* like a bootloader for ps1 and ps2 games *whisper off*

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    Jan 2009
    congratulations guys ... the game has started

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    My guess would be a few days, but until we get the go-ahead from a release group it's hard to say for sure. The 10MB dump compresses down to under 2MB so it definitely won't take long to spread once it's "in the wild" though.

    Below is a pic from the dump in WinHex... as you can see, most users probably will not be able to do anything with it but here is to hoping some talented folks out there will help put it to good use.
    I'm really interested in full dump to analyse it using PPC disassembler and to share it with other developers in private until we find a flaw somewhere ...

    Which FW is it 3.15 ?

    Best Regards

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    great news!!! hope soon we can play copies!!!

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