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    Gstar Guest

    Lightbulb PS3 Homebrew / Payload Thread for Broken Blu-ray Drives

    This is for members who have PS3's with faulty Blu-Ray drives and want to contribute, create, program or test payloads / homebrew apps etc that have been created specifically for PS3's with faulty, non working Blu-Ray drives.

    I have seen a number of members who are having trouble trying to get ther voice heard and I am very sure this thread would greatly benefit them and me.

    This thread will also be a discussion area for those specific members such as myself, and a place to share our ideas and thoughts where we would be heard and help part of the community that has yet not found a place designed for their specific needs.

    Thanks in advance to all who contribure to what I believe will help a large number of people in the PS3 scene/community.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I renamed your first post a bit from the Q/A section so it fits better in this section, but we will give this discussion thread a try here and see how it goes!

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    itwalksamongus Guest
    My BD drive won't read discs, it sees when one is inserted but will endlessly 'look' for the data. The strange thing is that I don't hear it spinning.. so far I haven't been able to get any games to work, but I can install .pkg files, which other people with broken BD drives cannot (I started a similar thread elsewhere).

    Hopefully with these payloads being updated every few days/hours, we will be able to run anything we like.

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    barbnjason Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by itwalksamongus View Post
    My BD drive won't read discs, it sees when one is inserted but will endlessly 'look' for the data. The strange thing is that I don't hear it spinning.
    If it has a bad diode (laser) it won't spin up at all.

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    Gstar Guest
    The problem I am having is, I can install PKG's but when I start any homebrew app. I get a black screen, and I have to hold the power button, and then it beeps twice before turning off. I can insert and eject discs, and I can hear the disc spin inside but nothing happens on screen.

    If someone can make a payload or a homebrew app that doesn't require a blu-ray drive, and allow us to access the PS3 HDD.

    That would be awesome.

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    deank Guest
    Are you sure that the problem is the broken BD? I'd suggest to try the latest version of my manager mod with option mount_bdvd=0.

    It completely disables any calls to mount the disc. If it doesn't work then it must be something else.


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    ExMachinaRus Guest
    Hi there. I'm the one who have faulty/mismatch blu-ray drive board too, so even demos and home won't work, and as I see here - homebrew apps won't work too.

    I'm glad this thread is created, so hopefully someone is going to pay attention to it and create payload, that will disable BD check when game is going to load. And I think there is many people with the same issue, that are waiting for help. Finger crossed

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    itwalksamongus Guest
    From everything I've read it seems the PS3 does some sort of check, if the lens is broken or the drive is dead, it won't work. Some people (such as myself) are luckier than others in that we can run .pkg files. Most people with dead lasers/drives cannot run any homebrew at all, even if the homebrew doesn't access the BD drive. It is rather a strange problem!

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    ExMachinaRus Guest
    No, ps3 does not lens check. It does only key check, that is located in controller board. Without it you CAN: play video, photo, run photoalbum app, install .PKG, but you CAN'T run demos or custom app, It doesn't matter does an app needs BD to work or not.

    Your problem is definetely not lens, but the controller board.

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    Gstar Guest
    Hey dean, thank you for the awesome help and contribution but I just tried your manager and still got a black screen.

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