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    megarun2010 Guest
    Guys i have two ps3's one with a bad blu-ray drive and it don't work at all tried to put a disc in and it will not take it in try to push it in and it still don't go in but now that the ps3 has been hack the blu-ray is not needed at all. By looking at these post on here guys your problem is not the blu-ray cause i have taken out the blu-ray drive for personal reason.

    i have two lens that i got from some website and they will not work so i'm thinking it's the drive itself but it works just fine without it and i'm using a hack with the bdenable. Can anyone give me there knowledge on what i should do and don't say Sony i have giving them enough money already.

    Guys good looking now i feel better don't how to look around anymore for this subject. and one more thing i have taken the good drive and place it in the bad ps3 and it will not work can someone tell me way i don't have a clue.

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    Gstar Guest
    Ok, if its not the BD, then it must be something thats not letting us run any homebrew. I can install any homebrew app through the Install PKG Files folder, but when I start any app, I get a black screen and my PS3 freezes.

    Is it possible to make a paypload that creates a third folder which automatically gives us access to the PS3 HDD, under the other two folders that are created when jailbreaking?

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    JayKay77 Guest
    I bought a second PS3 (fat) from a friend with a broken optical drive for $80, on the assumption I can play games off the hard drive. I have the following games loaded and working perfectly (with updates)

    I'm using Hermes3 and Open manager 1.16

    BLUS30439 - Dead Rising 2
    BLUS30418 - Red Dead Redemption
    BLUS30339 - Castlevania Lords of Shadow
    BLUS30261 - Godfather 2
    BLUS30255 - Bionic Commando
    BLUS30145 - Prototype
    BLES-00521 - Mafia 2
    BLES00517 - Just Cause 2
    BCUS-98120 - Resistance 2
    BCUS98119 - Infamous
    BCUS-98116 - Killzone 2

    I hope this helps!

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    itwalksamongus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ExMachinaRus View Post
    No, ps3 does not lens check. It does only key check, that is located in controller board. Without it you CAN: play video, photo, run photoalbum app, install .PKG, but you CAN'T run demos or custom app, It doesn't matter does an app needs BD to work or not.

    Your problem is definetely not lens, but the controller board.
    But I can run apps, eg backup manager(s), all pkg's I have installed run fine. I just can't load any games off a HDD, like everyone else with a dead drive/lens.

    So is my controller board ok?

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    MaxM Guest
    With PL3 discless play sucks a lot, Hermes v3/v4 support much more games mount without BD.

    I hope Kakaroto will fix this.

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    itwalksamongus Guest
    wow.. is the optical drive totally dead or will it read one format (ie CD/DVD) but not the other (BD)? Because you're the first person out of dozens with a broken drive to get anything other than dead rising 2 to work!!

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    Gstar Guest
    Thank you for your help. I just tested Hermes V3 and Open Manger 1.16 and got a black screen.

    I can't get any game to work, or any homebrew. I can install PKG's, but when I start them, I get a black screen.

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    barnhilltrckn Guest
    Wow i never knew anyone with a bad laser was having problems running homebrew. I used my little brother's ps3 to copy my games (a whopping 3 lol) and i put them onto my ps3 hdd and use the no disc payload. They all work perfect and so does all the homebrew.

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    Fm2 Guest
    I have a 20gb Ps3 with a broken KEM-400AAA bluray Drive, so i did some testing and i find out that if no bluray controller is connected it wont run any packet not even BM so when i connected just the controller to the ps3 the bm can be installer but just few games worked. so i start connecting more stuff and the best combination I found is the one on the picture bellow, now a can run a lot more games even F1 with controllers working. I am using at90usbkey with Hermes V3.

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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by itwalksamongus View Post
    But I can run apps, eg backup manager(s), all pkg's I have installed run fine. I just can't load any games off a HDD, like everyone else with a dead drive/lens.

    So is my controller board ok?
    Would you try "Star Wars: Republic Heroes" or "LEGO: Indiana Jones" or "F1 2006 Champions edition".

    These three work from internal (F1 2006 from external, too) HDD with no BD disc using the direct launch in my manager mod (when it asks you if you want to launch the game without exitting to XMB).


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