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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    So does this enable us to play DOS games on our PS3s? I'm kind of confused on what this does exactly.

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    Well, the DOSBox emulator using the installer does, and one of the games that can be played is pete_uk's Cannon Fodder port.

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    This does not use DOSMOUNT at all. It is all made by myself using Mr.Goodfrags tutorial and the internal Dosbox commands to mount the CD Image.
    Last edited by peteuk; 10-01-2011 at 09:28 AM

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    Exclamation Oh wow...

    So we really need to add pretty much the whole sierra dos game collection... Leisure Suit Larry Collection, Kings Quest, Quest for Glory. Oh yeah and not a Sierra game but Jagged Alliance and the 1st Carmageddon!

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    I like this. By DOS I'm thinking Windows, and I'm guessing I'm right?

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    No... Dos actually existed before windows. Its pretty much everything that was made before windows 95, windows 3.1 was pretty much just a GUI for Dos so MOSTLY anything that will play on win 3.1 will play through Dosbox.

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    It would be very nice to have a refreshed dosbox port to play games that require above a paltry 386.

    I may actually try to package some of my old dos games for fun, just to see how this works.

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    More DOS Ports

    So, today I decided to play around with making my own DOS ports of some games I had laying around, and I actually got a few working pretty well. Here is Jones in the Fast Lane (using Sound Blaster, cycles at 5000).
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    Here is MegaPede95 (from Cheesy Software, kinda corny in a fun way).
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    Here is Day of the Tentacle (cycles 5200, sound blaster music and effects). Works pretty well.
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