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Thread: PS3 Homebrew DOS Game Ports By Mateo Godlike for Rebug CFW

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    So does this enable us to play DOS games on our PS3s? I'm kind of confused on what this does exactly.

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    Apr 2005
    Well, the DOSBox emulator using the installer does, and one of the games that can be played is pete_uk's Cannon Fodder port.

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    peteuk Guest
    This does not use DOSMOUNT at all. It is all made by myself using Mr.Goodfrags tutorial and the internal Dosbox commands to mount the CD Image.

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    zebular Guest

    Exclamation Oh wow...

    So we really need to add pretty much the whole sierra dos game collection... Leisure Suit Larry Collection, Kings Quest, Quest for Glory. Oh yeah and not a Sierra game but Jagged Alliance and the 1st Carmageddon!

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    Foo Guest
    I like this. By DOS I'm thinking Windows, and I'm guessing I'm right?

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    zebular Guest
    No... Dos actually existed before windows. Its pretty much everything that was made before windows 95, windows 3.1 was pretty much just a GUI for Dos so MOSTLY anything that will play on win 3.1 will play through Dosbox.

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    moja Guest
    It would be very nice to have a refreshed dosbox port to play games that require above a paltry 386.

    I may actually try to package some of my old dos games for fun, just to see how this works.

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    moja Guest

    More DOS Ports

    So, today I decided to play around with making my own DOS ports of some games I had laying around, and I actually got a few working pretty well. Here is Jones in the Fast Lane (using Sound Blaster, cycles at 5000).

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    moja Guest
    Here is MegaPede95 (from Cheesy Software, kinda corny in a fun way).

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    moja Guest
    Here is Day of the Tentacle (cycles 5200, sound blaster music and effects). Works pretty well.

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