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Thread: PS3 Hackers Dual Firmware to Bring 3.6x+ Key Decryption & CFW

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    pspfrank4U Guest
    can someone tell me if this is the 3.60 private key please?
    [keyfile] keytype=private bits=1024 key=MIICdAIBADANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAASCAl4wggJaAgEAAo GBAJql8DWc75CBAHb+DC3GsUuPDePJ4IpooSVpB1Mpfl6ufP1L zojSx8NQsNX0HdfY1oE/dJ4new7xidVBasCzhaf8RXjAZTdoXmg9n/5mYXBZDRkJ4uHoYZc+08tUswAXmRwj6qmyPZBs8cHlbVCbhN4x LsYHCN/pFobB293ZD9jHAgERAoGASMaPKEnaJeJakllvJJm82ENR1Js8f V5p83y4JyKV0jP+lVDZqcyaPcuegs07OGYKlyzrlbg56OoivrV fab3kio4qFb/v0KxuNt3ism6VOkpYdWDts6ZSf7O7hT2iaWU1Yr/Cs90t7yVfiPVvsQQHzjLBsMAClzYz9vs8VKJJRjECQQDN0R2EA b
    and if so can you compile please!!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    It's fake dude. Next time you find keys like these copy and paste them in google, you will see at least 1 thread (from any PS3 hacking site) with a person who has already asked if it was real.

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