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Thread: PS3 Hackers Dual Firmware to Bring 3.6x+ Key Decryption & CFW

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    So this and the E3 flasher are very similar?

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    this is very nice news

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    anon777 Guest

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    wizardfingers Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sirkingchase View Post
    This is really cool.
    ^this, looking forward to the future of the PS3 scene.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    This is pretty much what we've all been waiting for, well, at least half of it. A dual boot to use OFW access PSN (I'd sure like to get that stuff I already paid for!) and an updated custom firmware to run backups to cut the load times... that and be lazy and not have to switch the disc. I don't suppose he's ever given a rough estimate of when he'll be done?

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    very nice guide

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    playgroundFlash Guest

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    shummyr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nuttyselo View Post
    whats it for? sorry for my noob question
    It allows the end user to have official firmware for online play and use while maintaining the ability to have custom firmware for linux and homebrew.

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    Arrow PNM Project Update: Final Stages

    Here is another PNM Project Update from No_One stating that it is now in the final stages, with both NOR flash sockets now working and soon a full tutorial on how to use PNM to find currently unknown v3.60+ keys on newer PS3 firmware versions.

    To quote:

    Hi mates,

    I wanted to announce that PNM project has entered its last stage. PNM is now wired to the motherboard of a SLIM PS3 : DYN-001.

    The first results are fine. PNM is correctly powered by the PS3 itself. Much better, PNM is now capable to power on/off automatically the PS3.

    Firmware is choosen using a jumper. Here is how it will work (very soon):
    • remove the power cable
    • place the jumper to choose Firmware #1 or Firmware #2
    • connect the power cable

    And then the PS3 starts automatically without human interaction. Let me clarify some points read here and there.

    I never promised the 3.6+ public keys! I just said that PNM will allow to find them nothing else.

    This project is a hobby. I work as fast as I can. Please stop the lame remarks concerning the delay!

    I will come back soon with the final video demonstration.



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    1Panic Guest
    I didn't realize the whole duel booting would lead to finding the keys. But if it does I think that is amazing. And as for the final stages to that project I am excited about it.

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