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Thread: PS3 Hackers Dual Firmware to Bring 3.6x+ Key Decryption & CFW

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    markb1 Guest
    3.60 LV0 Keys
    00000000: 36 2A 61 73 99 41 75 19 CC A7 42 22 FB F4 B5 CC |6*as.Au...B"....|
    00000010: 0D A3 AC B9 0C 4A 99 47 F9 15 66 27 E9 03 12 06 |.....J.G..f'....|
    00000020: 4E CD DD 67 8D A0 CE B5 0B D6 41 A2 12 E7 EB 92 |N..g......A.....|
    00000030: DF 9E BD CF 22 FD 50 AE CA 82 16 E3 95 16 E4 AD |....".P.........|
    00000040: A9 FE 2D 94 13 B1 72 B7 3A F1 7D 7D D2 D2 C9 8B |..-...r.:.****....|
    00000050: F0 E8 84 27 8A 0F 48 B1 71 9E 42 37 57 FC 53 D5 |...'..H.q.B7W.S.|
    00000060: F2 26 AE 08 52 D0 3B AF 95 CE CD 06 6C C8 FB B9 |.&..R.;.....l...|
    00000070: 67 15 6E FB 7D B2 D1 B2 16 E7 FE 57 3C 5B 0F 8B |g.n.**......W<[..|
    00000010: EA E3 BB C7 59 C0 F9 2F 6A 0A 09 8B 14 F0 C5 49 |....Y../j......I|
    00000020: 44 D5 99 31 77 BB A6 67 83 54 AC 14 CF 06 B0 A5 |D..1w..g.T......|
    00000030: AA 51 56 C4 9C 6E 34 FE 82 12 A8 85 B3 24 D3 7B |.QV..n4......$.{|
    00000040: 41 34 07 9D 37 11 8E F0 94 5C 0F F2 28 53 F7 67 |A4..7....\..(S.g|
    00000050: 57 F0 55 13 A6 26 DB F9 C9 AC 5F F4 A7 61 EE 61 |W.U..&...._..a.a|
    00000060: A5 4E AE 27 8B F1 99 47 D0 58 2F F7 D0 0D 43 19 |.N.'...G.X/...C.|
    00000070: A7 00 4C 41 F8 88 37 71 F5 F4 18 34 7D 13 64 B2 |..LA..7q...4**.d.|
    please test

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Not this again.. *Sigh*

    It's fake, these fake keys have going around the internet for like over a month. It doesn't take many brain cells to write up fake keys then claiming it to be the 3.60 Keys.

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    mike1001 Guest

    i used this method on my amiga 500 ... bootrom 1.2 and 1.3 , chip selected by the chip-select-lines.


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    Wonderkik Guest
    I thought the Fat Ps3 already had 2 Nand (Or some other flash memory) used to store the firmware and a copy of it in case something goes wrong?

    I can't remember where did I read that (or even if it is true ^^ ), but that's what I immediately thought when I read that news. I suppose that in that case we could use the "backup" flash memory as a second firmware, enabling Dual Firmware.

    Does anybody have an answer on these? Again, I might be completely wrong

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    mushy409 Guest
    Didn't the consoles with 256Mb flash use it for filesystem / OS? Something along the lines of merging the 2 partitions (128Mb + 128Mb flash = 256Mb partition)

    There were people having trouble with the CFW in the early days. The 16Mb NAND consoles & the 256Mb NAND consoles?

    It's been a while...

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Even if this is possible, it would require a hardware mod and also another mod to allow switching between 2 hard drives. Different firmware versions probably handle data on the drive differently (especially on the newer console versions with small nand size since a good bit of the OS is stored on the HDD instead of the nand).

    Basically all this really means is that there may be a possible alternative (hardware mod + 2 HDD mod vs buying a 2nd PS3 for OFW).

    So really this won't gain anything. It won't lead to CFW. And if your willing to buy the extra parts and mod the PS3, your much better off just buying a 2nd PS3 for official firmware.

    So nothing interesting really... move along people.

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    jaime29 Guest

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    this is good news.

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow PNM Project

    Here is another update from No_One on the hardware for this project which should allow developers to further examine the PS3 NOR flash in search of new exploits:

    Anonymous hacker releases explanations of DUAL NOR hardware.

    A hardware has been designed. Project codename: PNM (PS3 NOR Manager). It meets the following requirements:
    • copy/dump/update NOR FLASH
    • static switch and dynamic switch between 2 NOR FLASH (sockets)
    • realtime spying the NOR activities

    A PDF with all the explanations, schematics and so on will be provided very soon for release ! ...this is one of the page extracted from the PDF that will be released. This is a part of the PNM schematics:

    I believe knowledge and information wants to be free. This is why I consider that this project is open-hardware and will be open-source !

    Learn what you can and help contribute to making the PS3 scene a better place. Released by No_One.

    PS: PNM could lead to 3.6x+ key decryption/CFW, but also to a TRUE dual firmware management
    PPS: No other hardware (Infectus...) will be capable to handle what PNM is capable to do...

    In related news, some install pics from dospiedras1973 are posted here:

    Finally, Varicela via DemonHades ( shared a pic of another PCB with Dual NAND support allowing users to install both PS3 OFW and CFW on a single console, stating (roughly translated) that there are integrated sockets on the "two side plates" that are to be used by the Infectus modchip–for this dual-NAND to work.

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    Windstyle Guest
    When could PNM be released? Anyway good job that would be awesome

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    daveshooter Guest
    This does look promising. looking over the images I can see its made well and I would imagine its only a matter of time before the developers find a safe outlet for it. Just not in the usa because you get 20 years. lol

    I think this is something similar to the usb black-cat flasher once used to flash bcm chips using a jtag but with added breakout. you can see from the 1st image its connected with usb and jtag.

    Even if it never gets released from them, we now have the means of making one ourselves, just a little different than the old lpt1 home made jtag lead.

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