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    Malax Guest
    That article is about various devs releasing/waiting for the right time to release iPhone jailbreak hacks.

    It is NOT a pissant little "developer" coming out and completely pointlessly saying "I hacked this, but I'm not going to detail it, give any hints, encourage anyone, ever release it, or do anything useful or helpful to the community with it."

    Now I'm not saying he has to do everything for the good of the hombrew community, but hell, he didn't even say "I'm going to keep this for myself, release a device, and profit off it."

    What is the point of this? Just so that when someone does hack it and release it he can claim to have been so smart that he came up with it ages ago? So that a bunch of people you claim not to care about or respect will hold you in some esteem?

    I've followed the PSP/PS3 hacking scene to various degrees ever since I bought my launch unit PS3 and I seem to remember this guy being a recurring pain in the rear.

    No one cares about you and your phantom hacks, Mathielublah-whatever. Go die in a hole somewhere.

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    pjmiller435 Guest
    Wow, amazing and kinda sad. haha.

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    p0oz123 Guest
    first thing i think is that all this scene stuff is made by sony itself, so we can all talk about games before they get release, so other buys them. In his case, he's probably going to work for sony.

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    jblaze513 Guest
    The way I read it, Comex (one dev) had the exploit and was holding it.

    Not to argue on that though, even though Math may have had something, it looks as if all the previous loaders are useless now since fw 3.60 uses the lv0.2 (metldr unused).

    Math claims to have a bootloader exploit though. Just sounds interesting to me and I hope something comes out of it eventually.

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    Natepig Guest

    Video: PS3 3.60 JailBreak Rumor, Mathieulh Claims Running Code

    Just over a week ago PlayStation 3 hacker Mathieulh confirmed finding a PS3 3.56 Exploit, and today drizzthacks tweeted part of an IRC chat log where Mathieulh stated the following regarding PS3 Firmware 3.60 running homebrew code, as follows:

    "[03:15] while you are insulting me like morons, I already have code running on 3.60, and I am laughing, and guess what ? I am happy I stopped sharing, you can hate me for it, I don't care."

    He followed up with the following Tweets: To those planning on building a 3.56+ pup for whatever reason, the files attributes changed, the group and user ids for the files as well. The new 3.56+ values for tarballs are the following: owner_id, “0000764″ group_id, “0000764″ owner, “tetsu” group, “tetsu” ustar, “ustar”

    You can use fix_tar to use those new values. Use with caution. By comparison, those are the pre-3.56 values. owner_id, “0001752″ group_id, “0001274″ owner, “pup_tool” group, “psnes” ustar, “ustar”

    3.60 isn’t “hardcore security” anyway, it’s just Sony thinking they are safe hiding everything inside lv0. You can’t decrypt lv0 without the bootloader keys. Your best bet is to look at 3.56, decrypt loaders, look for exploits, profit. You need to either decrypt or dump lv0, then you can get the encrypted loaders and decrypt them with the metldr key. Good luck.

    On IRC, Mathieulh also posted a video of his own but then privatized it currently rendering it unavailable:

    Mathieulh: actually you want video proof, let's share one for the lol
    Mathieulh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nknwBz-2v8c

    Shortly following, another PS3 3.60 JailBreak video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZfES89eZwM) was posted followed by the user removing it and reposting it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qohuq0Vvm6M) with another account.

    From IRC on the alleged PS3 3.60 JailBreak video:

    mastag23: just fyi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZfES...layer_embedded
    mastag23: that is fake
    mastag23: it would look legit if he hadn't of ran the debugging station launcher
    mastag23: You fail "Connected from on port 1000" (port might be wrong pretty blurry.
    mastag23: This is a debug unit. That can't be done on a retail unit. Run the Debugging Station Launcher on a retail and the debug tools won't connect to it, yours obviously does
    mastag23: debugging station launcher cant be connected to on retail
    mastag23: if he hadnt of posted debugging station launcher
    mastag23: he would be believable

    KaKaRoTo: Fandangos, worked on ps3mfw for 5 weeks before i got busy with other stuff
    KaKaRoTo: and now i'm working on something new and revolutionizing that will also take some months of work
    KaKaRoTo: (hopefully )
    KaKaRoTo: anyways, the theory says that it will jailbreak all future versions, but it needs probably 2 or more months of work to get it to actually be tested..
    KaKaRoTo: then need to test and see if it works
    KaKaRoTo: first, like I said thousnads of times, there will be no more cfw above 3.55
    KaKaRoTo: secondly, math didn't find any exploit, someone else did, math just tweeted it
    KaKaRoTo: and no, my hack isn't based on that, there's no fun in using someone else's work
    Mathieulh: KaKaRoTo actually it was me and rms, I found one fixed in 1.10 a few instructions below
    Mathieulh: told rms to look for the exploit
    Mathieulh: and he found the other instead xD
    Mathieulh: which I had missed
    KaKaRoTo: Mathieulh, ah ok, that's not what i was told, cause you kept referring to it as "the rms exploit" in the private chan
    Mathieulh: yah xD
    KaKaRoTo: and didn't know rms wanted his name to be known

    The video shows a package installing and the new online save function, which was added in PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.60.

    Time will tell, but my feeling from the videos and the tweeting... this may be the real deal.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  6. #76
    barrybarryk Guest
    by the video it looks legit but I can't find any details on the exploit used.

    Hopefully they'll release the exploit used soon and it'll be software based or compatible with old jb devices and not a dumped and manipulated NAND.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I merged this into our ongoing "Mathieulh claims" thread, and +Rep for the news natepig.

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    opm420 Guest
    If your gonna talk the talk, walk the walk! Either way Sony has there I on you! Reminds me of that movie HACKERS! GOOD STUFF.

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    Bishoff Guest
    Math is such a rear-end anymore.

  10. #80
    fudgelmir Guest
    we should change the "mathieulh claims" thread into a "mathieulh is an annoying troll" thread, then delete it and ignore any further communications regarding said troll.

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