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    Maybe, maybe not, as far as we know, there is an exploit.

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    Its all lies, if there were a exploit all you would to do is release it with no names.

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    I don't doubt he's found an exploit, waninkoko had a 3.56cfw weeks ago, just never decided to release it apparently. And math has always been reliable in the past.

    I just think its stupid tweeting about it if you aren't going to release it just to spark up threads like this everywhere.

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    Exactly what I think. Not sure why some try comparing Math to Geohot though, the difference is Geohot actually releases what he discovers. The constant whining is what got him to get out of the hacking scene for awhile (Both on the iPhone & PS3), since too many people were barking at him to release his new jb for iPhone and his discoveries for the PS3.

    Math only knows how to talk but thats it, he's never truly done anything. Look at the days when he was Dark_AleX's little sheep.

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    Lol these guys are hilarious, they are so called hackers but check put their handles geohot = George Hotz Mathieulh = Mathieu Hervais looks to me like they are asking for it.

    If you guys remember the movie hackers the character Joey never had a handle and he was the one that got the crew busted. Geohot-Mathieulh are both joeys lol crash and burn baby crash and burn.

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    Mathieulh & 3.56 exploit..

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    It's better to release anonymously an exploit for community than saying: "Oh! I found it, but I won't release it!". I don't believe his affirmation. For me, he is a cheater. Other PS3 devs has guts for releasing findings, and if they don't want to risk, they release everything anonymously.

    Best Regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by boarder1042 View Post
    Great news! I really hope he doesn't release it because as soon as he does sony will patch it. Hopefully he can wait long enough for that "unhackable" ps3 to be released and the same bug is still there.
    Maybe he knows he's in trouble over the Hotz and wants to say Sony I found an exploit and if you don't take me to court I won't release it. I will even share it with you Sony. I'm your boy if you want PS4 secured you should let me work for you!!!

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    Itīs all about e-fame!!

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    Maybe this will put things in perspective for people wondering why Math did not release his Jailbreak publicly the same day he found it. It's an article on iPhone jailbreaking but still relative:

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