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Thread: PS3 Hacker Mathieulh Finds PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.56 Exploit

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    Vladius1233 Guest
    I suppose people don't truly understand the brevity of what Sony is doing.

    -George Hotz is fighting an 8 count (last I checked) lawsuit.
    -The court ordered he turn his HDD over to a third party for inspection for the files used to hack the PS3 and any passwords that may have been used in an attempt to encrypt those files
    -Issued subpoena's to his Webhost, Google, YouTube, Twitter for any and all information relating to VISITORS to his site, those who watched or commented on his YouTube videos displaying the JailBreak, etc, going back as far as January 2009.

    -Suing fail0verflow team
    -Had German Police raid the home Graf and take his computers and all articles related to PS3 hacking...

    And you wonder why Mathieulh won't release the exploit? Anyone who downloaded George Hotz jailbreak could be implicated in the lawsuit (that is partly Sony's attempt...).

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    racer0018 Guest
    At least everyone knows that there is something there. Now people can look, IF someone found it once then they can find it again. Thanks.

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    caleb4god Guest
    This is the same douchebag who said Gran Turismo 5 would never be playable as a backup because Sony killed BD emulation in firmware 3.50. Anybody here play a backup of GT5 lately? Exactly. This dude is an attention whore. He has found nothing. Nothing to see here people, move along...

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    onenut Guest
    hey Mathieulh, you're an idiot lol.

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    boarder1042 Guest
    Great news! I really hope he doesn't release it because as soon as he does sony will patch it. Hopefully he can wait long enough for that "unhackable" ps3 to be released and the same bug is still there.

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    caleb4god Guest
    Yea cuz Sony has been great at patching everything so far. Most of their "patches" have been defeated within hours or days at the latest. Meanwhile I've discovered how to travel in time but I'm not releasing it for fear that God may sue me. Sorry guys, I'm off to the year 3000!

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    zeromx Guest
    I agree with some of the comments, what's the point in announcing something like if your not going to release and if want to REALLY HELP then release it anonymously...

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    shummyr Guest
    I believe that he has a good point in letting people know there is an exploit, and he will help people who want to publish the exploit behind the scene's and keep his hands clean.

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    jblaze513 Guest
    Wow this is unbelieveable! We are Jailbroken on 3.55 why release a 3.56 jailbreak publicly? Then $ony will just release 3.57 the next day.

    Instead wait for the next major OFW with feature updates like 3.60 or 4.00 to release it publicly. Good job Math! Way to be smart and do the right thing for the scene!

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    zeromx Guest
    OK you have a fair point, but what's the point of announcing now? and not wait for 3.57 etc... as you say...

    personally i agree with you in certain aspects, he should of not said anything and just waited.

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