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Thread: PS3 Hacker Mathieulh Finds PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.56 Exploit

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    naivri Guest
    i have an exploit for 3.56... but I am never releasing it. When someone does release one I will say "There told you".

    I live on props, so I'm not going away till you all chant my name.

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    mikelkite Guest
    Cos his E peen needs flexing..

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    Pretikewl Guest
    Hey everyone. I have a cure for all cancers, AIDS, and any variation of the common cold and flu, but I'm not going to release it to the world. Does everyone love me now?

    This is nothing but a famewhore. There's no point in doing any kind of bragging if you can't prove what you done. People can say anything. This guy just likes to ride the coattails of other real hackers.

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    ninjanutta2 Guest
    it's a heads up to other devs, simple as that. The time to hack new firmware is not yet, wait for a real update then bam. I'm sure its been done but people are being a bit more clever before the whole exploit gets stopped for good. I don't agree with his method but geohot hacked 3.56 and never released it but he's a E-GOD at the moment.

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    MannyMania Guest

    ever hear of anonymous

    Hey M, Thanks for not helping... Instead of attracting more attention from $ony and to yourself, next time stfu and put it out anonymous ya friggen wanker.

    Lame man Lame.

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Ok, my 1st reaction is WTF. if your not going to release it, just STFU. But by saying that it exists and where it more or less is, he might be pointing the way for other devs to find the exploit. Thatīs what Iīm hoping for anyway, lol.

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    Madpacman Guest

    We will find out if you have the goods!

    Lol, I think Sony will get him before he release it, so we will know. He was stupid in saying he had it, if he wasn't releasing it. Sony could probably have a subpoena issued you just by the statement alone. Especially if you went to Geo or Graf or any other sight in their scope. Good luck fighting that judge in their pocket you gonna need it.

    And as a disclaimer I don't believe in fair judges they all suck and they're all pawns of a broken system. If your scared of Sony I think you should not say anything at all. Because they are just as edgy as you are and have lots of money to throw around to get their way.

    Hack it and don't say anything or be like Geo and try to extort money and get some jail time. Which as soon as he asked for a job I knew he would be sued. Good luck Mat!!!

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    whiteclad57 Guest
    Who would listen to some n00b with one post say that they found a unpatchable ps3 exploit that lies before the bootloader. Hell even I could make a new account and do that. This guy said it on his account so that it was easily confirmed by the previous works of his that he has done.

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    Madpacman Guest
    He will get all the fame he needs after Sony investigates his work. Since he has some credibility he makes himself more of a target than someone who makes an account and claims I hacked my firmware. I still believe he's not bright for seeking fame in this climate.

    If he wants fame that bad he could have just release it anonymously and have told reliable people he was doing it. I'm pretty sure that would have been just word of mouth and Sony would have needed more proof to back up their claims against him.

    Hackers need to know there rights anything you say... one will be appointed to you... Guilty!!!

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    Alaa Guest
    So what's the point in telling us you have an exploit you'll never release. =/

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