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Thread: PS3 Hacker Mathieulh Finds PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.56 Exploit

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    hawkY Guest
    what is the purpose of this ?

    I mean i know is some sort of cryptography, but what is the use of it for the scene ?

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    Nabnab Guest
    It's more for the dev who want to be more interested by bypassing the ECDSA -> using timing attack
    also TLS - > transport layer security, you can see that on PS3swu include TLS for the update of firmware.


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    hawkY Guest
    Didn't you say that we can skip the ECDSA entirely ?

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    Nabnab Guest
    Actually is not to skip, it's to get

    I'm gonna say a bad example

    A key = Key -> the PS3 is a door -> you, you are the transport, the person who gonna put the key into your door.

    If somebody come behind you, he can take your key and run away, back later to open your door.

    I know it's a bad example sorry for that but it's to represent that simply

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    hawkY Guest
    hahahaha good one even though i don't get it , sorry i'm stupid when it comes to developing...

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    CS67700 Guest
    Nah, Gehot proved that he was reliable in the Apple scene, can't doubt about that. The kid has talent, but he has a huge ego too (who wouldn't ? you're an hypocrite if you say you wouldn't do the same with his talent).

    The lamers of this scene are mathieulh and his little friends. He keeps stealing work from others and pretending he did it (we never saw him release something once, never, just pretend it's his work when something got leaked).

    Stabbing Geohot in the back after everything he brought to the scene, i find it pretty pathetic. At least he brought results and wasn't playing drama "i will release ... i won't release... oh i may release ... finally i wont, LOL"

    This kid also had balls to go in court with Sony, say anything you want but i doubt you have even half of his courage and couldn't do the same (i dare you to say the contrary).

    He fought for the scene against a huge company that could have whipped him with a finger. 90% of peoples blame him, but in his situation they would run under their mom's skirt like cowards.

    At least he released something, half of devs in this scene are either drama queens with small tool or big mouthed kids who think computer engineering can be mastered for breakfast.

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    capostef Guest


    Nabnab have you found the source from CrashSerious?

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    thorrenat Guest
    How to help? As a betatester maybe?

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    Badger1975 Guest
    You know I believe that when we buy a system, it's ours to do what we want to do with it and as long as we don't use any part of it or it's software to make money for ourselves, then I don't see any reason for a company to sue us for doing something with it.

    I am talking about the PS3 for 1. We buy the system and we use it until it seems lame and boring to us and we want to mod it or it's software to add something we like like Hombrew or such and yet we seem to get in trouble because the company feels we messed with something that wasn't supposed to be touch but yet I feel that we bought the machine and technically we should have our way with it as long as we are not selling any part of it that we modded ourselves or anyone modded for a profit for ourselves.

    I think if we want to mod the PS3 to use other stuff we made or someone else made then I think we should be able to as long as we don't make money from it and it doesn't allow any piracy to be done.

    Sony shouldn't be after us for this and they should be after the ones that are stealing they're firmware and selling them modded.

    Don't everyone agree to this. I do.

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    lfcaid Guest
    you guys know this guy is bull right hes such a twat.

    1) he never release anything he finds.
    2) he was asked by KaKaRoToKS to help him with the 4.00+ jb and he purposely pointed him and his team in the wrong direction and made them study something useless for months and months and then he made KaKaRoToKS jb process really slow and he knew he was doing it on purpose also wen he spoke about it to KaKaRoToKS he then emailed sony and told them what to fix

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