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    jesterking1 Guest
    Cliffnotes (summary in shorter words).

    I went through and read it: Mathieulh is a lying drama queen who is dumber than a box of rocks and trying to derail actual progress.

    the number needed to generate the signature to sign packages in 4.00 HEN is near impossible to figure out. Nothing is 100% impossible, but without massive computing power (think enigma) it would take a very very long time to decrypt.

    That's pretty much what I got from this.

    Quote Originally Posted by MimmoD360 View Post
    That's true! someone else will make backup managers running on this cfw.
    If they can figure out how to get peek and poke working... goodluck

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    Hopefully this discredits Methloser once and for all.

    & KaKaRoTo, if you're reading this, well done. Thanks for your efforts. Don't give up - anything is possible.

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    dyceast Guest
    Props to KaKaRoTo and his team....

    Amazing WORK!!!

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    racer0018 Guest
    This is good news. I just hope that it all works out good and we get to take a look at this soon.

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    jarvis Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dbraganti View Post
    I agree with you, never said i was not interested in run backups and i also think the same as you. Everyone who wants a CFW to rub their SNES emulator is nothing more than an liar.

    The main point i was trying to expose is that there are plenty of games here and everyone who owns a ps3 can buy some. The choice of buy or not is of each one and that i will never argue against...
    This is not true. I have a 3.55 CFW in place solely for emulators. It's really what I've wanted for years; one simple box to plug into my TV with ten years of gaming history on it. I am happy.

    I have a second PS3 kept up to date to play PS3 games. Actually I haven't turned this one on in months. I've pretty much had it with the console world. I've gone back to PC gaming. Skyrim mostly

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    elser1 Guest
    i haven't turned my jb ps3 on for months.. LOL will be soon though when e3 dual boot gets delivered..

    all i want is backups and trophy support on psn.. LOL

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    hotd54me Guest
    I always thought that math whatever the hell his name is was arrogant. he talked down at people and in a roundabout way called them stupid when they didn't understand his "work" and never really contributed much. On the other hand kakaroto team has always shown proof, explained and elaborated all their work, and didn't tell a bundle of lies. job well done sirs! I look forward to your future exploits!

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    HackSoul Guest
    Sorry guys. I overreacted... Sorry KaKaroto! You're one of best on the Scene!

    Where I live there's no way to afford proper copies of games and also there's no work for anyone... So buying a game is just possible every 8-10 months with the money I get from one-day jobs.

  9. #319
    SanctumSlayer Guest
    That's no excuse HackSoul! If money's so tight, a PS2 is what you should be in the market for. Wait til the PS4 comes so your 3rd world country will be able to afford PS3s. Heck I'm surprised you're even on the Internet!

  10. #320
    Denida Guest
    Before you start being too harsh on HackSoul, you may want to remember that SanctumSlayer, that is living in Brazil still have to endure a market with very high gaming prices...

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