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  1. #291
    HackSoul Guest
    I live in country known as Brazil, where even old games are super seriously overpriced and most of releases never see the light here. How am I supposed to live without Piracy? He can put his CFW on his ears... He's just like the rest of those fake CFW'ers.

  2. #292
    NTA Guest
    Anyone else noticed that he said to be patient? Some people overlook text and read all the good stuff so I was just pointing it out

  3. #293
    Tepoo Guest
    sorry but for real, tell me 5 good homebrews who are worth it to hack your console, if there is NO backup manager.

    for real, only a backup manager is really interesting. if there is no one, it doesn't make sense to me to hack my console with a hen.

  4. #294
    NTA Guest
    LOL someone else can work on the piracy stuff. >_>

    Why you bsing for no reason

  5. #295
    NTA Guest
    vba, n64, dreamcast, psp, ps1, ps2. He doesn't have to do it and you don't have to use it lol

    Learn how to make custom 4.0 yourself and not share it with anyone.

    Stop being jelly. Someone else can do the piracy stuff, where are your contributions >_>

  6. #296
    spunkybunny Guest
    I asked that exact same thing months ago and they still post crap from Math. They said as its news it gets posted to the front page even if its fake or not.

  7. #297
    chr15m Guest
    that's because the scene is pretty much dead, there desperate to keep there own existence going. my opinion, pessimistic i know.

  8. #298
    Tepoo Guest
    two resons left, the rest is crap in my eyes o.o i respect his work, but i disrespect that he says "wah backup manager is bad".

    i have around 30 games here in my room, all are original because they deserve to be bought. but i already owe my third ps3 because my bluray player got messed up...

    yeah i have enough money to buy a new ps3 every second year, but there will be a point, where i only get this ugly, hardcore ugly slim ps3. and i love the fat one

  9. #299
    NTA Guest
    Well that doesn't meant that someone else can't include backup managers lol. He doesn't want to do it because it's crap in his eyes...

    Geohot main reason for cfw was homebrew if I'm not mistake and backup managers were eventually present

  10. #300
    MimmoD360 Guest
    That's true! someone else will make backup managers running on this cfw.

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