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  1. #21
    fudgelmir Guest
    oh jesus, isn't this the guy who was complaining that the press wasn't covering him enough -_-

  2. #22
    tripellex Guest
    Here here. The fact that he brags about it then says "I don't want to release for fear of being sued" just shows his character. He wants to keep us on the edge of our seat, yet at arms length. He's another media slut like Geo. Go ahead and complain about us. You are like the dumbass on movies that goes "I found the answer but I won't tell it to you" just to make himself feel better.

  3. #23
    moeiscool Guest
    this guy probably has nothing to share and just says it cuz he wants some attention. as most dirtbags say proof or gtfo.

  4. #24
    jtag1 Guest
    i agree here.. he is protecting himself. he doesn't want to go thru a hassle with sony and you have to respect that. he clearly just gave all devs a heads up that 3.56 is possible. don't think for 1 minute and just want want want, you wanting stuff could make his life hell. take it for what it is and just know and be glad that there is a possible way to get into 3.56 and more great things to come. regardless great work math.

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    moeiscool Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rebel101150 View Post
    If you guys read it right he's saying it's a bootloader exploit. He says 3.56+ because like the iphone bootloader exploits are almost impossible to patch. Hence why the same exploit remained opened on so many models. If he opens this door sony will let the dogs loose. He really is protecting himself here. This is a hell of a find and could be pandora's box for sony.
    you're gullible..

  6. #26
    FortyThieves Guest
    this is fake and bs!

  7. #27
    NTA Guest
    sony will try to get him life in prison

  8. #28
    leukotic Guest
    Yeah, no reason he should have mentioned it, more than likely it is entirely for e-fame.

    Also he can claim and say he will never release it, but that's not gong to stop Sony from finding out one way or another. Geo made similar claims to never allow pirating and how it wasn't his intention, but Sony still got him.

    If this guy truly does know (and even saying he does), opens the door for Sony's attack dogs to grab at his throat. Not a smart thing to do at all in light of what has been happening recently. He is either just another glory hound seeking attention, or is perhaps trying to lure Sony to him with this 'bait'.

  9. #29
    EiKii Guest
    Guys cmon, I mean would you rob the bank if police and SWAT team were hanging right outside? i wouldn't at least.

    Be glad he gives an heads up, eventually some other devs can look into it, and i bet they aren't the ones writing comments.

    Anyway why do we need another CFW? 3.55 is working just fine, everything works afaik.

    Peace out ^^

  10. #30
    am33r007 Guest
    Mathieulh you are the MAN haha.. For as long as there are DEMO EXPLOITS there are HACKS.

    Will be released after OFW 3.60 is out.

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