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    Big thanks to you kakaroto, but if it can't run backup managers and backup games it useless to us (99% of us )

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    Thank you Kakarot! I can't say enough how I appreciate your efforts regardless of all the scene drama. I have no doubt you and your team will find a solution.

    I know what it's like to put in hard work only to find out something isn't possible. But it's the drive to keep going is what makes us unique. Keep fighting for the better good. We love you in Canada.

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    Exactly, math is just full of it.

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    Emad you don't speak for 99% of us. I disagree completely with your last post. This is like what happened in the beginning of ps3 cfw.

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    You're right SanctumSlayer, when CFW was released it wasn't intended for piracy or playing game backups. But since you could run your own homebrew people started making Game Managers so you could play game backups. I'm just going to see where this all goes but so far I'm not to interested.

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    I'm upgrading to 4.0 on the 31st for ff 13-2. So even a hen I'd be happy with. Something tells me though that some backups may be possibly like with the geohot CFW.

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    Yeah... I also think the same. Kakaroto is not gonna explicitly release a CFW for Games... that's obvious and you don't need to be too smart to do that but it will indeed help with Game managers and running buckups.. Indirectly, but it will.

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    I don't like piracy neither but at the same time i think he sould enable PS3 ISO running from HDD, think about all the people who own a PS3 with a faulty BD driver or simply the fact you can save the games you own on HDD.

    At the end very few people really care about homebrew games and emulators and this is a fact. But anyway Thank you Kakaroto for your hard work

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    I loved reading this news. KaKaRoTo is a very sympathetic person and I think he is very objective. He gave Mathieulh a few chances to believe in him, I hope that he will never do that again since he could spent this wasted time on finding a solution for HEN on 4.0.

    For those who are asking for CFW with backup manager: There won't be a solution in the foreseeable future. There is no more peek & poke on 3.60+ and it is necessary for backup manager.


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    KaKaRoTo Rules !

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