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Thread: PS3 Hacker Mathieulh Finds PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.56 Exploit

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    Bartholomy Guest
    True. And ye, probably ntfs and showtime still remain, they are part of his manager

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    jack9s Guest
    Its been more than half a year since I logged in here. I bricked my ps3 with Waninkoko's cfw immediately after release (Jan 17 I think). I was an ultra moron for that. But looks like I can finally bring my cecha ps3 back from the dead using progskeet now that it has a solderless option.

    Back to topic. Is it possible to use that old method with pkgs and modified eboots for backups in the KaKaRoToKS's upcoming cfw as it doesn't have Peek and Poke?

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Maybe Just... how do you sign a 4.0 pkg? I think most forgot this part, still following this project

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    medi01 Guest
    You can't. And it's not about hacking, it's about mathematics. KKRT already had his NPDRM related with his first "CFW" that could do nothing. It wasn't enough (and many didn't get how incredibly clueless his "CFW" creation was) Now he wants to do

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    ChaoticTissue Guest
    It wasn't a fail, it was progress! Watch, history is about to repeat itself... Kkrt will release (something that not everyone may want, YET) then someone else (likely several someone elses) will find a way to give us lowly endusers what we want. One step at a time.

    People that cry "FAKE" at every snippet of code that comes along, just because it isn't what *they* want, are retarded. They're the kids pulling like crazy on doors clearly labelled "push"...

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    Bartholomy Guest
    The only reason because i don't care so much of this thread, medi01, and smiling looking how many people is trowing his hopes on this "nothing". And Kakaroto (with his buddy Math) is laughing a lot, more than me surely

    And if someone doesn't trust me, here is what he wrote on his blog:

    "Update: I tested the jailbreak on the latest firmware 4.0 since it was released and I can confirm that it still works. Mathieulh also confirmed that the NPDRM algo that he has still allows applications to run on 4.0, although he still doesn’t want to share that with us/me at the moment.

    Mathieulh is still thinking about whether or not to share it, so I’m hopeful he’ll help us move forward with the release.

    He has however received so many hate messages and so many flaming that he is completely disgusted with the scene and the way it treated him. He is so disgusted that he does not want to share or help anymore. He thinks that all those haters do not deserve to be given something that they are so ungrateful for, and I perfectly understand his position. Receiving all that hate towards me a while back also made me depressed to the point I stopped looking at the PS3 entirely.

    Next time you want to insult a dev, thinking it’s “fun” or that he deserved it, think about it some more, you are poisoning the scene without even realizing it. We are all doing this for fun, the only reward we get is people’s gratitude, and all you do is hate and disrespect us, so why continue to do what we do?

    For those who hate and insult : Mathieulh may not be acting the way you want him to, you may think he’s a jerk or hate him for teasing without releasing, but the simple fact remains that he has done more to the scene that you did, so you should just shut up and show him respect. When you have your little ‘hate fun’, you are actually contributing to the scene, but in the wrong way, you are killing it by killing the developer’s motivation.

    For now, Mathieulh doesn’t want to share his work with me, and I’m not mad or disappointed at all at him, I am mad and disgusted at those who made him make that decision. So please, if you are just as mad as I am, do NOT make this an opportunity to hate even more on Mathieulh for not sharing, make this an opportunity to show gratitude where it’s due and educate those who are ungrateful on what their role is/was in this scene."

    So, except if Math goes crazy releasing something, feel free to forget this project. Neither a Hello Kitty will run

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    chr15m Guest
    The ONLY person poisoning the scene is MATH, with his 'look what i can do' attitude. good job he wasn't in charge of evolving the human race, we still be in caves figuring out how to make fire.

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    CS67700 Guest
    This is too easy, he brought all this to himself. He can't blame anyone for the hate.

    He's been whining around with "i can to this and that, but oh... i won't share it, LOL", what kind of retarded attitude is this ? Try doing this in any other field and see peoples reaction, they will look down on you and won't trust you anymore. This is how things go.

    Science proves things through proofs, we saw nothing coming from him to back up what he says, 95% of the time its just talk.
    Sorry if i don't trust the dude blindly, i'm not that naive anymore, i grew up.

    If he participated actively to the scene and shared everything he knew, or lets say even half of what he supposedly know, the PS3 would be totally hacked since some time now. And peoples would see him as an idol and not hate him.

    He just has some stupid attitude that makes you wanna hate him.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Idol? Uhm no. Maybe pity him. Not just "Lolz, pathetic kids, i have everything, now cry".

    Look M$ and C4EVA. He release, noone go to jail, no DMCA. He is an xbox360 god. Math is our god too. Just, smart enough to think "Pfff, go to a tribunal, and most of them are haters? Lolz, this is my answer".

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    chr15m Guest
    what? can he not release anything anonymously, the answer is no. Sorry to all math lovers, but the guy is a joke and its because of him the scene has become full of haters. call it human nature.

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