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    yeap, and I found an exploit in metldr as-well that lets you play PS3 games from the future and convert the internal HDD to ntfs...

    if there's not going to be a release then why advertise it, all can be done underground but everyone wants recognition one way or another.

    I don't like the way these devs are running the show. I rather not hear about it.

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    no point saying you have it if you never intend to release it or tell anyone about it. Wtf. This guy...

    3.57 tomorrow anyway i bet. lol

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    okay, time to jump on tweeter/twaater... wateva and start making some claims of my own. Who is with me?

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    i'm afraid all this 'I know something you don't know' bull will do nothing except start a flame war, but if he released as annonymous how would he be able to stroke his e-peen

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    It would be good if everything you have on your 3.55 hacked hdd could work on a cfw 3.56 w/o having to reinstall everything...

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    If you guys read it right he's saying it's a bootloader exploit. He says 3.56+ because like the iphone bootloader exploits are almost impossible to patch. Hence why the same exploit remained opened on so many models. If he opens this door sony will let the dogs loose. He really is protecting himself here. This is a hell of a find and could be pandora's box for sony.

    What he is doing is stating where it is subliminally so someone else will put it out there and find it and release it. Kind of genius if you ask me. Coming from the original psp scene i've very familiar with the work of math and he's good to his word. If he made a claim he really found it. There's a reason I think he has such high scene credibility.

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    lol yep. Once we all call his BS bluff, he will do the standard hoaxer response of "I dont care what people think! I know I have one and you wont get It!" Which I'll preemptively call BS on that too.

    If you didn't care what people think about you, you wouldnt have been bragging for no other reason on twitter. A claim of exploit with the caveat of not releasing it is the definition of caring what people think about you. You do that to stroke your ego, and try to gain fame by lying, which is just sad.

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    he's a PS3 developer, and he knows that sony reads every tweet he's made over the past 3 years he very careful with words.

    also a fun fact he runs a debug test network to play back up games but only test ps3's can use it he also being a dev has full access to documentation.

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    You haven't done this again Math? Say you have something and then keep it to yourself? I don't care anyhow. I don't need a 3.56 CFW myself.

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    So why even say anything if you not going to release it. Gloryhogs even when they don't release nothing.

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