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Thread: PS3 Hacker Mathieulh Finds PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.56 Exploit

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    Foo Guest
    I have some very... very... friendly words for our leaking friends...

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    This sounds similar to what 404 An0n already posted in this thread, but to quote from Team Ps300 via

    Ps3 3.7+ HW hack

    It has recently come to our attention that a new 3.7+ retail ps3 can be exploited with the use of some modded hardware.This find should be credited to PS300, although this works in a similar manner to the original usb hack. So far, this zero day method has only been tested on 3.41-3.55, but more tests will follow.

    (This is NOT the same exploit the ps3break/clones use). Currently, there is more than 20 devices on the market right now that can be used to trigger the exploit, but there are a few that work MUCH better than the others) This exploit can be patched with a software update, and It only allows access to lv2 (Homebrew).

    This exploit is only possible due to the stupidity of the hardware makers. The problem does not lie within the ps3, but within certain hardware that it authenticates and how the ps3 authenticates that hardware. As some of you will find, there is a key within the ps3 that auth’s these devices, and this key was not changed in between revisions.

    This key would allow you to build your own hardware, as the 20+ devices are not only hard to find, but there also semi hard to modify depending on the device, and some device’s cost well over $100.

    If you can build hardware that can emulate the necessary functions, your own hardware will do. Team Ps300 would recommend you modify the hw, if you already own it as emulating the required functions is possible, but nowhere near as easy. With this key you can auth your own device you are free to create your own payload, the only problem is to exploit the continue function you need to already be authenticated (Remember, you can dump the auth key, so this is possible).

    The best part about this is it is triggered through a software component, so you don’t even need to restart the system to start the exploit.You just plug the usb in, and you hit a button. The exploit is tripped, and you get lv2 code execution. The hardest part about this is making/modding the hardware, but as i said it is possible, and it is actually pretty easy on some devices. More info to come...

    Hw key 3.41-4.00 (Most Likely)-
    31 30 37 33 37 34 31 38 32 34 30 30 30

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    CFWfanboy Guest
    sound like a device that i have, call "ps3 controller" with it's ultimate 'ps button'.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I have a feeling we're going to see another overpriced dongle, I'm sure most people here just want to play all new games with Eboot.bin fixes rather than updating to a new FW.

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    landon Guest
    +1 HeyManHRU I prefer to stay on 3.55 with fix & eboot patch the scene need 3.6+/3.7+

    Only this will help the scene to start again !!!

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    saviour07 Guest
    It would be a shame if yet another dongle came out.

    Personally I would love it if Duplex or Paradox released a tool to allow users to fix their own eboots for the latest PS3 games and continue with eboot fixes rather than waste time with a dongle!

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    elser1 Guest
    i'm suprised mathoosalah hasn't shown us his "i have jb 4.00 but not show you video yet" LOL

    next few days i'm sure..

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Its the pricks like Math that are holding back and keeping the PS3 scene down where it is now.

    Look at the 360 scene. The day after a new firmware comes out there is a patch to play backups and everyone knows exactly who releases it.
    The 360 scene is going strong and it'll keep on going with each and every firmware update.

    Now the PS3 scene is full of people that say they have everything but refuse to release anything. We have our 2nd CFW. first was 3.41 dongles and 2nd was 3.55 CFW but there have been many firmwares since and still nothing. Someone is really holding back. And when something does get leaked its all anonymous so we dont know who did it or who to ask to update it after the next firmware update.

    The PS3 scene is dead coz there are no good devs keeping it alive.

    I've played and finished all the latest games on the 360 and most are before they are even released in the shops so why is it the PS3 still cant play backups that are a year old?

    If my console wasn't banned I would upgrade to OFW as there is no reason to keep it on CFW as you cant play new games on it. 3.55CFW is now dead and useless and so is the PS3 scene.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    There is more drama in the PS3 scene than in pro wrestling. All I want is for someone to kindly implement the TB dongle to 3.55 CFW so I can play all the new games, I don't care what FW it's on, it could be on 1.00 FW for all I care, I just want to play new games .

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    spunkybunny Guest
    There isn't really any drama now, just so called devs with a lot of talk and no releases. They want to make a big name for themselves but release nothing. I doubt Math really did anything as he never releases anything its always someone else and he says thats his or he did that. I can do the same and nobody would believe me so why are people still believing a word he says?

    At least I did what I said I would do. I said I would release the keys and I did sortof. It wasn't 3.60 keys like I hoped it was the keys to that stupid DH3.56 firmware. Now I'm better than Math as I actually released something even if it wasn't my work and I never said it was I just published them for all to get.

    I've just about had enough of the PS3 scene. I'm going back to the 360 scene as its more fun and you actually get to play games. Oh, and the fact I have 4 360's and only 1 PS3, and all the other consoles. I'm actually using my PS3 as a media player.... lame but as it cant play new backups and the 360 can its not getting any gaming use anymore.

    HeyManHRU how did you get 2000 posts in 1 year? It says I've been here close to your time but I've done under 200? I thought I posted more than that?

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