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    semitope Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by D3M0N2009 View Post
    I'll reserve my views until he actually releases some proof, I don't doubt his skills since he did hack the iPhone, but since the launch of the console in 2006 people have been trying to hack this thing and were making little to no progress, and now out of the blue its suddenly been done by one person.
    Most likely because they weren't doing it right or weren't willing to try certain things because the documents didn't support it. You look at what he did to the ps3 he had, gutting it etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
    I agree with you, think about all those lamers that will mod their trophy score and what not to look cool... We will probably gain in a lot of areas but will lose our beloved online experience. Buying the games wasnt bad at all and I like having my games and knowing that I supported the developers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Misled3k View Post
    To be honest, I see this as a bittersweet victory. And I'm not talking about piracy... that's a rather complicated topic I'd rather not touch. I'm talking about the wave of idiots doing hacks/exploits on online games, ruining the fun for those who want to play the game the way it was intended to be.

    Now, I know that this happens already to some extent for some PS3 games (MW2 comes to mind), but this will make it easier for the idiots, and harder for the devs to stop it from happening.

    Yet, on the other side... HOMEBREW! I get a nerdgasm just thinking of the possibilities!

    (PS: Do you think Sony will develop a way to detect hacked PS3's and start doing mass bans from PSN, like Microsoft on XBL?)
    I rarely check trophy score and place no value on it whatsoever. There are already glitchers and cheaters in games so whats the deal? Its likely they will be easily banned from online anyway

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    red8316 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Preceptor View Post
    I'm not sure what he meant by that though, since the names of most of the functions were already documented.
    -=From GeoHots Blogspot=-
    Benjamin said...
    these function names are nothing new
    Carlos said...
    @Benjamin: he just match them from the mem dump
    George Hotz said...
    @Benjamin yea, thats the point

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    Assignator98 Guest
    wow great news i knew geohot was the man first the iphone then the ps3, what's next nexus one?

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    Luisp1nt0 Guest

    Wink Much more to do...

    GEO U ARE GOD! butt kissing apart keep in mind this: using the PS3 to do everything else besides playing games... gaining "full access" to use ps3 brute force with Linux or other OS. Making it the 1st open source super computer for everyone.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Some more comments of interest:
    Mathieulh said...
    There is more than enough infos on this blog for sony to patch this exploit though, How long until they start using lv1ldr to hash lv1's ram or its interesting bits I wonder ?
    Mathieulh said...
    By the way, most of these hypercalls were documented in the following place:

    George Hotz said...
    If they start using lv1ldr for anything I don't like...I'll just kick it out.

    Just because it's isolated doesn't mean it keeps running. PPE can say no.
    George Hotz said...
    And for GPU access, I think you already have it, just no driver. Hacking doesn't change that, although reversing lv1 could aid development.
    This means the PS3's hypervisor does not disable the GPU as expected, the only thing that prohibits OtherOS from using the graphic card 100% is the lack of an optimized driver.
    Mathieulh said...
    @geohot, how can you kick it out when lv1ldr is the one that actually loads lv1 in the first place ? They can just make resident in the spu (which is what they already do) and have it permanantly check the lv1 ramspace (or even just the bits that set it to r/w) then store the hash in the isolated spu ram to make sure you can tweak with that either

    That would make your hack quite hard to perform then.

    Not to mention considering the spu cache is way faster than xdr is, the system wouldn't suffer any slowdowns would this kind of security be enforced.
    George Hotz said...
    On my system SPE3 is disabled and SPE2 runs security, leaving 6 SPEs for games and otheros. Theres another fuse register which says which SPEs are actually broken and hard disabled in manufacture, which mine is. But yea, I bet a percentage of PS3s could get access to all 8.

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    semitope Guest
    Mathieulh is aways so negative The hypercalls he said were documented were already covered in the comments.
    If they start using lv1ldr for anything I don't like...I'll just kick it out.

    Just because it's isolated doesn't mean it keeps running. PPE can say no.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
    Mathieulh is aways so negative
    He's not trying to be negative, he's being logical. CJPC feels the same way... unless GeoHot knows something the Devs don't, they are correct in this case.

    Some more comments from the blog:

    S said...
    Until you extract the decryption keys that are securely stored in the SPE, you cannot say that you hacked the PS3, like you stated in your other post.
    Mathieulh said...
    @S Whoever you are, you've got the truth to it xD
    In my opinion as well, the ps3 will only truly be hacked once the isolated spu loaders are dumped and the keys leaked. (though then sony just have to update the loaders and change the keys..., this means to really hack the console you need to dump the hardware root key and decrypt the bootloader, good luck on that)

    I do agree that dumping lv1 is a nice step forward and that it is no easy task, for that I give my kudos to geohot.
    George Hotz said...
    The SPUs don't actually need to be hacked to do anything with the system. The PPE can kick out isolated SPUs, so it has the higher level of control. You can just use the SPUs to load things, kick them out, then patch to your hearts content.
    George Hotz said...
    Granted, if we could decrypt the ISO SPUs, things would be a lot easier.
    Mathieulh said...
    @geohot yes but the whole security relies on the isolated spu, all the keys are there and it does much more than just decryption and checks, so yes you can manage without hacking them, you can even get rid of them (though I can't guarantee that wont crash the system) but it still isn't hacking the system overall until you get to hack every single part of the console and dump every single piece of hidden code.

    In that regard even the psp isn't truly hacked considering the kirk and spock engines have not been dumped.
    George Hotz said...
    Read your last paragraph in your last comment, and you'll see why I'm right.

    You can't expect to know everything and dump every piece of code. This hack is enough for homebrew, full linux, and even backups.
    S said...
    Once data leaves the SPE its encrypted again,how do you plan on patching that?

    But, if you're planning to just execute data using the PPU then you are limited with what you can do. NO gpu access will work for example. for that you will need to run it through SPE.
    I'd say this confirmation means a lot for most users here GeoHot: "This hack is enough for homebrew, full linux, and even backups."

    Although some still are doubting the back-up claim:
    ppcasm said...
    How do you suppose you will play these "backups"? If you find a vulnerability in a hypervisor syscall per say, you would still need to communicate with the HV in gameos for "backups". Unless you can hijack the boot process early, which seems unlikely at this point. Then you would have to do something like find a usermode vuln, write an exploit paying careful attention not to return to the stack/heap since they are not executable, THEN, somehow leverage that and find a vulnerability in the kernel, THEN use that leverage to leverage a HV vuln, since the HV can only communicate with code through syscalls. Not even mentioning that it's likely expecting encrypted memory anyway. all of this with no gameos memdump of any sort, and no real attack vector in gameos where you claim "backup loading"? Care to elaborate on your plan for this? In otheros you are already running as kernelmode since you can write drivers, so you can directly communicate with the hv there through syscalls, but to claim backup's is a little far fetched don't you think?
    Mathieulh said...
    well running backups is very theoretical at this point, for one would need to load a patched version of lv2 in order to do so, at this point this is still premature, a lot of things could prevent such an implementation from happening.

    I am not saying this can't be done but in my opinion we are months away with the hack in its current state of seeing this happen.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    I'd say this confirmation means a lot for most users here GeoHot: "This hack is enough for homebrew, full linux, and even backups."
    I'll wait until the exploit/hack/whatever to run backups is available before I start dancing around because who knows how long that will take. For now I'm dancing in my heart.

  9. #129
    ionbladez Guest
    what's funny is Mathieulh states himself that he is no expert but he's totally along the lines of trying to make everyone think he is.

    he needs to butt out of it and let someone take some credit for their work. this is one of those guys that would do anything to put someone else down.

  10. #130
    chipsy Guest
    this comment made me laugh
    j said...
    OMG everyone leave him alone just get on your knees and bow down because admit it he's better than you just look back to the iphone unhackable
    lol ya eat it

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